Our team at Pure Flavor® has been growing! Get an inside look at what it’s been like for our new Marketing Specialist during her first month in the greenhouse industry! We’re peeling back the curtain to get a fresh perspective on what it’s been like for Kelsey working with the Strategic Marketing Team, exploring her day-to-day duties, and diving deeper into what it means to work at Pure Flavor®

When I walked into my first day at Pure Flavor® I was greeted by a familiar smell that brought me right back to my high school days when one of my first jobs was packing produce for a summer. I’m not going to lie, it was kind of comforting when coming into a new space. Growing up in the Leamington area surrounded by greenhouses, you may think you may have an idea about what the industry is all about since you’ve been exposed to it your whole life. But looking back, I realize now that I really had no idea the extent of what it actually took to grow greenhouse tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers or what is involved to run an operation like Pure Flavor®. Now that I have been with Pure Flavor® for over a month, it’s wild to reflect on my first day – it’s equally amazing to see the knowledge I’ve already been exposed to in this industry.


I have held a variety of marketing-specific roles over the last 5 years since graduating from the St. Clair College Business Administration-Marketing Program. It has allowed me so many amazing experiences and steps forward in my career working in radio, real estate and now- produce! However, nothing comes close to what I have experienced in my time so far with Pure Flavor®. I wasn’t actively searching for a career change but after a few conversations with the Pure Flavor® team, there was no doubt that Pure Flavor® was where I needed to be in order to take the next steps in my career. From our first conversations, it was clear that this strategic marketing team is next level and everyone brings a different perspective to the table. It has been an amazing learning experience learn to work with everyone on the team.  

As a Marketing Specialist, I get to focus on a variety of tasks like managing our influencer program, blog writing, analytics, commodity research, trade show & event support to social media, & strategic content planning to name a few. My favourite part of my day-to-day is being involved in content creation whether that be for our Live Deliciously ® eMagazine, marketing campaign plans, social media, or blogs. It’s truly exciting to create content that reflects what Pure Flavor® truly is as a company. It goes beyond growing produce and encourages people to live healthy lifestyles and make healthy decisions every single day. Each day in the office is not only different, but exciting as well. The passion here for helping people Live Deliciously® never stops.


Living in the Leamington, ON area we are lucky to be surrounded by the agricultural industry and an abundance of greenhouses & fresh produce. In fact, you may even take the acres upon acres of greenhouses for granted and not realize just how much of North America’s fresh produce is grown here.

The Strategic Marketing Group’s office is now located at Pure Flavor® Farms facility in Leamington having moved into their own custom-designed facility that is called ‘The Lab’; a 2500 sq foot work area with executive boardroom, studio, collaborative works stations, dedicated offices and a massive storage area for trade show materials and promotional items. Physically located inside the Pure Flavor® Farms facility, the team can look out their office window into acres upon acres of fresh greenhouse vegetables not even 75 feet away!

Last week I had the opportunity to tour inside the greenhouse to get a closer look at the growing process and the systems we have in place. It was amazing to see –  the plants take your breath away when you step in the greenhouse. The growing technology is impressive; from the compostable growing mediums to dedicated irrigation systems to water and feed the pants, to using Bumblebees to pollinate all the flowers, nothing is without careful consideration. There is a strategy to every step of the process to create an efficient and sustainable growing environment. It was a full circle moment for me from my high school job of packing vegetables, to now working in marketing and getting to see every aspect of greenhouse growing. It also allows me to see the bigger picture of the quality products that Pure Flavor® grows from the 10,000 ft level and encourages me to create relevant content that reflects that. It’s quite clear that our strategy to go beyond the package in all that we do is top of mind daily.


To say that this past month has been life changing is an understatement, and I do not say that lightly – not only has this new role impacted my career but my personal life as well. Every single person on our team challenges each other to be not only a better marketer every single day, but a better person as well. It’s an ongoing process of changing the way you think and the way you do things, by always putting meaning into what you’re doing.

Pure Flavor® goes beyond growing produce to ensuring families increase their consumption of fresh vegetables in order to live healthy lives. Pure Flavor® is committed to fuelling healthy and active minds through community initiatives such as special event sponsorship, vegetable donations, and our Adopt-A-School program. I have been lucky enough to attend events that Pure Flavor® supports like local charity walks and coming up quickly is the Pure Kids Triathlon Series powered by Subway® where I get to see firsthand the commitment to supporting the communities in which we live and work. 

For our team at Pure Flavor®, we are constantly trying to define what it means to Live Deliciously® and provide ways to help consumers use fresh vegetables to live healthy lives. I’ve joked with the team and asked them all “when do you sleep?” because they are all either up at the crack of dawn (even earlier for some) working hard to put their best foot forward or up late at researching trends and ideas. The team’s enthusiasm motivates me to think differently and be even more passionate about the work I’m doing and putting out.

I’m so excited for you all to see what’s coming next from Pure Flavor®.

~ Kelsey