Easter is a time when we feel close to our loved ones, even when apart. We wanted to share some of our favorite Easter recipes with the hope that they will help keep your family’s Easter celebrations healthy & refreshing too. Plus, we’ve included fun activities you can try with your kids to encourage healthy snacking and balance out all that chocolate!

Kids Easter Snacking Tray & Skewers

It’s easy for kids to eat too much candy on any day, but this is especially true at Easter (chocolate overload!).
Gather your kids in the kitchen for fun & colorful activities.

Easter Snacking Tray
Easter Snacking Tray: Fill a baking tray with all kinds of healthy snacks like nuts and sliced Mini Cucumbers; then, mix in some natural, healthy sweets like Sangria Medley Tomatoes
Fruit and Veggie Easter Skewers
Fruit and Veggie Easter Skewers: Take your favorite fruits and veggies, like Sangria Medley Tomatoes, Pineapple chunks, and Strawberries, and slide them onto a skewer. Place an Easter candy on the tip of the skewer and enjoy!

The Brunch Munch – Savory Caprese Bagels

Caprese bagels
A simple brunch is a great opportunity to take a break, slow down and savor every bite. These Caprese Bagels are always a hit with the fresh flavors of Basil, Sangria Medley Tomatoes and Mozzarella.

App Time: Sweet Potato Cucumber Bites

Cucumber sweet potato bites
Crispy, creamy, refreshing and sweet all at the same time: these Loaded Cucumber Sweet Potato Bites, featuring Mini Cucumbers and Pomegranate seeds, are the ultimate healthy Easter app. Colorful, healthy, and completely out of the box ideas can keep things interesting in the kitchen and your family wanting more!

Dinner Recipe: A Colorful Side Salad

Rainbow salad
This bright & colorful Sangria Rainbow Salad combines all the flavors of Sangria Medley Tomatoes, Mini Cucumbers, chickpeas and more to perfectly complement your traditional, homemade Easter feast. For a more festive look, arrange the ingredients in layers inside a large egg-shaped bowl!