The students at St. Louis Elementary School have shown that they are “Cool as Cucumbers” when it comes to school work and they get super excited about eating their vegetables!   

Our students here at St. Louis Elementary School with French Immersion are definitely “Cool as Cucumbers”! We are calm and composed when it comes to our school work but…..we get super excited about our vegetables! The Cool As Cucumbers campaign that Pure Flavor® provided to our school was a great way to kick off Spring and tie right into Earth Day. 

The Big Crunch – 

On Monday, March 20th, our entire school population of over 500 students met outside of their classrooms along the walls in the school hallway to kick off the Cool As Cucumbers campaign with “The Big Crunch”. Staff from Pure Flavor®, as well as student and staff volunteers, handed out individual Mini Cucumbers to each student and staff member throughout the hallways. Our kids love cucumbers so much that many asked for two!  And it certainly was not an easy task to hold onto that cucumber until everyone was ready to take that first bite! Music was playing to kick off this fresh campaign, we counted down and crunched in unison, marking the start of some great activities for the month!

Creating Fun Learning Opportunities – 

Not only did Pure Flavor® provide us with the cucumbers and the produce but as mentioned earlier, they also provided us with “Fun Cucumber Facts” flashcards, in-class activity sheets for every grade, and awesome prizes like cinch bags and Cool As Cucumbers pencils & stickers to get our students involved.  Many of the activities and information given corresponds to our curriculum and teachers are very grateful to have these resources in their classroom.  They even tied into other lessons like Earth Day!!! 

We cannot express enough the gratitude we have for Pure Flavor® and the Adopt-A-School Program which provides such adored snacks and valuable resources to help our kids learn.

~ Lisa