With Summer 2021 in full swing, consumers are looking for snacks that will keep them refreshed all day. Pure Flavor® wants consumers to know there’s a cool, crisp cucumber for everyone and for every occasion.

Uno Bites pack

Boasting a wide variety of greenhouse grown cucumbers in all sizes, Pure Flavor® promotes their lineup as the snacking solution to summer cravings. Consumers are discovering the possibilities of enjoying fresh vegetables beyond the salad bar and cucumbers are a fresh snack ripe for the picking.

The success of Uno Bites™ Nano Cucumbers, the newest and most snackable cukes in the lineup, prompted the Leamington-based greenhouse grower to develop recipes, blogs and other resources to help educate consumers on the benefits of choosing the right cucumber for every snack, appetizer, dip, salad, and beyond.

Table with healthy snacks

The clear message is that if you think all cucumbers are the same, think again.

“Consumers are looking for more convenient options that suit their lifestyles,” said Chris Veillon, Chief Marketing Officer. “In our Love For Fresh campaign in 2020, we surveyed thousands of people across North America and they told us cucumber size is a more important factor than price when making a purchasing decision. Nothing is ‘one-size-fits all’ anymore. That’s why we grow four different sized cucumbers to be enjoyed as healthy snacks or in fresh recipes.”

For Pure Flavor®, it comes down to listening to the consumer and growing to meet their need for variety and consistency.

Girl drawing with a pack of cucumbers

“With tomatoes and peppers, consumers have come to expect a variety of choices in the produce aisle. We’re now seeing this same expectation with cucumbers,” said Veillon. “Every cucumber product we offer satisfies a different craving with consistent quality.”

Uno Bites™ Nano Cucumbers are a one-bite snack-attack solution that kids of all ages can enjoy by the handful. Because of their compact size, they pack a lot of crunch in every bite – the perfect healthy kids’ snack to take along for car rides, soccer practice, and family walks. For on-the-go fresh snacking right out of the pack, Uno Bites™ are the bite-sized snacks for you.

The next size up is Poco Bites® Cocktail Cucumbers. These are small & crisp cukes that provide a great crunch on the outside and a hydrating burst of juice on the inside. This winning combination makes these cocktail cucumbers great for appetizers and sharing with friends on a platter with your favorite dips.

Girls in pool enjoying cucumbers

Both Uno Bites™ and Poco Bites® are the preferred cucumbers when it comes to snacking, dipping and sharing. Available in grab & go packs of various sizes, there’s less waste and no preparation required. It’s no wonder why consumers are switching to these smaller cukes for snacks.

Mini Cucumbers are medium-sized and are best used in a range of fresh salads of all types and cuisine styles. From Greek salad, to a traditional Lebanese Fattoush, to grilled shrimp salads, and, yes, even a simple garden salad, these Mini Cucumbers shine. You can enjoy them diced, minced, quartered and sliced – these cucumbers are grown for versatility.

For large, party-sized salads, Long English Cucumbers are an easy option for filling up your bowl with fresh and juicy bites. This large, seedless variety has that classic, mild cucumber taste. With Long English Cucumbers, people are discovering fun new ways to enjoy them, like slicing them into long ribbons, or spiralizing them into fresh veggie noodles.

Greenhouse cucumbers in tray

All Pure Flavor’s® cucumbers are grown in high-tech greenhouses with the most innovative technology like closed-loop drip irrigation, supplemental lighting, climate control, and so much more. All that advanced growing tech helps Pure Flavor® to ensure a high level of consistency from row to row, pack to pack, and region to region year-round.

In every snacking situation or fresh recipe, that consistency is clear – no matter which cucumber product you prefer.

To learn more about Pure Flavor® Cucumbers, visit here.