Leamington, ON. – When it comes to greenhouse fruit and vegetable production, Pure Flavor® is a company that does it all. From growing, picking, packing, and shipping to marketing, merchandising and category management, Pure Flavor® is a complete partner for its retail and foodservice customers.

The company has been experiencing tremendous growth, fueled by its strategic acquisitions, innovative products, and award-winning marketing programs. To meet the rising demand for its fresh produce offerings, Pure Flavor® has been investing in acquiring more resources, expanding its facilities and leadership team, and adding new industry-leading products.

Already this year, the brand has made significant investments to expand its greenhouse acreage and production facilities. In addition to a 40-acre expansion dedicated to its popular line of organics, the company has acquired two farms in Ontario: DeTemporada Farms, a 25-acre bell pepper greenhouse in Merlin, Ontario, and Cervini Farms C5, a greenhouse that joins Pure Flavor’s® Leamington operations to create a 350-acre flagship campus.

With these moves, Pure Flavor® now manages more than 1,000 acres of state-of-the-art, sustainable greenhouse production facilities.

Not only does Pure Flavor® grow its own produce, but it also handles every aspect of the supply chain. This vertical integration allows Pure Flavor® to offer the highest quality and consistency to its customers. The company has distribution centers strategically located in San Antonio (TX), Byron (GA), Detroit (MI) and Leamington (ON) to service key markets, allowing millions of people to enjoy their favorite fresh produce year-round.

One of the reasons for Pure Flavor’s® success is its extensive lineup of flavorful products that appeal to different consumer preferences and occasions. In recent years, Pure Flavor® has seen an explosion of growth in its snacking program. The company offers award-winning products such as Cloud 9® Bite-Sized Fruity Tomatoes, Uno Bites Nano Cucumbers and Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers that meet the rising demand for convenient, healthy, and flavorful snacks.

The brand has capitalized on this growing trend by adding new ground-breaking products to its portfolio like Solara® Mini Melons, the first sustainable, personal-sized greenhouse grown melon, and Alonna Canary Melons.

By focusing on innovative, high-quality snacking options, the brand can meet the evolving needs of consumers and offer retailers a valuable point of differentiation.

“At Pure Flavor®, we’re always looking for ways to innovate and offer our customers something unique,” said Matt Mastronardi, Executive Vice-President. “Our recent expansion and acquisitions have allowed us to increase our production capabilities and offer a wide variety of high-quality, greenhouse grown, conventional and organic products that consumers can enjoy year-round.”

Pure Flavor® has not only been successful in expanding its operations and product offerings, but also in building itself as a lifestyle brand and promoting its healthy living message to consumers across North America.

The brand’s award-winning marketing programs are helping retailers promote healthy eating while increasing sales of fresh produce.

“Our marketing programs are not just about promoting our products, but also about inspiring consumers to Live Deliciously® with healthy choices,” says Chris Veillon, Chief Marketing Officer. “We collaborate with a growing network of content creators who share our passion for fresh produce and help us reach more people than ever before with engaging stories and recipes.”

As the greenhouse fruit & vegetable company continues to grow its presence across North America, it is poised to be a valuable partner for retailers and foodservice providers looking to meet the growing demand for fresh, sustainable produce.