Apps, wraps, sandwiches and hors d’oeuvres all need something a little creamy to pull it all together. A good homemade dip recipe can be hard to come by – especially one that only takes five minutes to prepare. Jenan Zammar, a mother of three, has perfected the five-minute dip and found that the key is to have crisp, fresh Uno Bites™ Nano Cucumbers. The result is a delicious and easy Cucumber and Herb Dip that your family will love.

pack of nano cucumbers

How cute are these cucumbers? I don’t know if it’s just me, but anything that comes in a miniature size and is as flavorful as Pure Flavor® Nano Cucumbers gives me endless amounts of joy when I’m cooking in the kitchen.

When I first tried these cucumbers, I was hooked. They’re fun to eat and they have a delicious crunch, but what’s best is that they’re perfect for little hands. My kids love them on their own or with a cheesy dip!

I’ve found that they’re a great size for some of my favorite appetizers and hors d’oeuvres. One recipe my family loves the most is Cucumber and Herb Dip, and I couldn’t pick a tastier cucumber to include than these Uno Bites™.

Everyone enjoys having their own little treat before the main meal, especially when it doesn’t take too much time or extra work to prepare! It’s not something I do for every meal, but on weekends or special occasions, it can be a small change to the routine that gets everyone excited to spend time together in the kitchen.

mixing ingredients for cucumber and herb dip

This five-minute recipe combines the flavors of herbs like chives, dill and mint with cream cheese, sour cream and, of course, crisp cucumbers! The light crunch of Uno Bites™ complements the soft and creamy base.

Top all of that onto a crispy cracker and you’ve got a super simple and delicious appetizer or mid-afternoon snack.  Let’s be real, the kids enjoy eating these cucumbers on their own because they’re fun to eat, but when you add cream cheese and crackers to the mix, they’re in heaven!

This dip is great for an appetizer or hors d’oeuvre, but don’t stop there: you can use this dip in many ways. It’s delicious on a toasted bagel or spread on a chicken and veggie wrap. An easy (and fun!) lunch for kids is to spread this dip inside little pinwheels with their favorite cold cuts. This creamy Cucumber & Herb Dip is great in a croissant for a savory brunch.

I’m all about saving time in the kitchen, which is why I love making this appetizer. It’s so quick to make, but it’s packed with incredible flavor.

tray of appetizersmade with cucumber herb dip

One way to make the most out of your time in the kitchen is to turn it into an activity for the whole family. I always try to get my kids involved in the kitchen because it helps them develop skills they’ll keep throughout their lives. There’s absolutely no cooking in this recipe, so you can take them through the whole process step by step.

Whenever the kids are in the kitchen with me, I always make sure to put out extra cucumbers since I know they like to snack on them. I’m a huge fan of eating fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible. Snacking throughout the day is a great way to get them all those important nutrients they need to stay healthy.

It really does feel good to eat fresh every day. Uno Bites™ are rich in vitamins and minerals like Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and potassium, which are important for maintaining a strong immune system, among many other health benefits. Combined with other healthy snacking items from Pure Flavor®, you can enjoy flavorful healthy snacks from morning to night.

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