There aren’t too many recipes that take less time to make than it takes to eat. There’s a lot you can do in the time it would normally take you to prepare a full family meal – help your kids with homework, do some online shopping, or just kick your feet up and enjoy a movie! You deserve some extra time to yourself, so we’re thrilled that Megan Hutson from @mamaofwholelittles is sharing her five-minute Cucumber Tomato Salad Recipe.

There are two fresh ingredients that I love to pick up at my local grocer to keep on hand for all my salad needs: Long English Cucumbers and Tomatoes on-the-Vine.

If you’re not familiar with these two varieties of fresh veggies, you’re really missing out.

Long English Cucumbers are sometimes called “seedless” cucumbers. Technically, they do have seeds, but they’re much smaller so the cucumber is firmer and easier to eat. You might also know these as hothouse cucumbers, because the best way to grow them for maximum flavor is in a controlled greenhouse environment.

bowl of spiralized cucumber noodles

Long English Cucumbers are also perfect for the Cucumber Tomato Salad recipe I’m sharing today because the firmness and smaller seeds makes spiralizing them a breeze – giving you a beautiful, refreshing salad!

I also love purchasing Tomatoes On-The-Vine – I’m so glad that Pure Flavor offers them in my local grocery store. Buying tomatoes that are still on the vine makes those red beauties stay fresh on your countertop longer, which will probably end up saving you money in the long run. And, really, I just feel fancy having Tomatoes On-The-Vine on my kitchen counter!

These super fresh tomatoes are very firm, which also makes prepping for this recipe super simple. They have the perfect texture to complement the refreshing cucumber and crunchy walnuts.

Speaking of walnuts, you may not have ever heard of walnuts in a Cucumber Tomato Salad and, to be quite honest, I hadn’t either. This recipe is a bit of a happy accident and now I’m hooked on the combination!

In the summer, I followed a timed nutrition plan and was trying to come up with creative ways to get all my macro nutrients in. I also needed to make recipes that could be baby and toddler friendly to avoid doing double the work in the kitchen!

So, I created a Cucumber Tomato Salad that’s oil-free, low in carbs, and full of nutrients. My tastebuds were dazzled by this new creation!

spiralizing a cucumber

The soft crunch of the walnuts just takes this Cucumber Tomato Salad to the next level and adds a fun element to your palate. Not to mention, this recipe is so easy that you can get kids involved with you in the kitchen, or you can quickly throw it together when the baby is fussy and you don’t have time to wait!

The first step here is to spiralize those cucumbers! I love using the spiralizing method – not just for how pretty it looks on a plate, but also for the fact that it is a safe way to serve cucumbers to babies, so there’s no extra prep for dinner!

I’ve tried many different spiralizers over the years and my favorite is the original by Ali Malfucci, the owner and creator of Inspiralized. She has really thought of everything when it comes to making this kitchen tool easy to use and easy to clean. Personally, my favorite part is that it’s an all one-piece, so it takes up less room in your kitchen.

You will start by slicing both ends off your cucumber flat and evenly, and then cutting the cucumber in half (my 5-year-old loves doing this part for me!).

Set your spiralizer to the spaghetti shaped blade. Attach one end of the cucumber to the center of the prongs, and then press it into the center of the blade. Keeping the vegetable centered is very important in ensuring your noodles turn out nice and even. I also like trimming my noodles a little bit to make sure they’re not too long, making it easier for forks and toddler hands.

Next, you can slice your tomatoes. Again, I like to keep things baby and toddler friendly, so it’s important to slice into long, thin pieces if serving to a crowd of littles!

Finally, you can coat your salad in a quick homemade vinaigrette. Mix some red wine vinegar and Italian seasoning, then toss together with your cucumber spirals, sliced tomatoes, and crunchy walnuts until well combined. Now your delicious Cucumber Tomato Salad is ready to serve!

bowl of cucumber tomato salad

If you aren’t planning to serve right away, wait on adding your walnuts – you don’t want them to get too soggy and lose all of that amazing crunch.

Enjoy this dish alongside your favorite protein like grilled chicken, ribs or fish and you’ve got an amazing well-rounded meal ready to enjoy! We will be enjoying this during our last month of warm weather here as we soak in our final days of summer!

To view, download or print the full recipe for Megan’s Cucumber Tomato Salad, click here.