Potluck get-togethers are absolutely the best! It shares the workload for those who are hosting and allows for everyone to prepare in advance that way they can enjoy being together on the day of the party. Plus, by making a dish that they know their family likes, everyone feels comfortable there will be something for them to eat at the party. Most of the time people bring their favorite side dishes to potlucks, such as pasta salads or the safe Caesar salad, but don’t be hesitant to try something new. By going beyond the typical greens, wilt-free salads are always a nice choice and they’re even better when they’re made with fresh, greenhouse grown fruits and vegetables. If you have got a potluck party coming up this summer, we’ve put together some pointers and some delicious recipes that will wow everyone around the table and have them asking for the recipe!

Summer is the ideal season for hosting or attending a potluck with family and friends. This distributes the responsibility for cooking among all attendees and each guest receives a plate full of exciting and different foods. The best part is that there is more time to socialize and enjoy the company of who you are with. In the warmer weather, wilt-free salads are ideal for bringing to an outdoor gathering, whether it’s a pool party, backyard BBQ, or a family reunion at the park. Vegetables such as tomatoescucumbers, and peppers are a natural source of hydration, and they are refreshing after a day outside in the sun. They can also be suitable for most diet lifestyles and are free from the top nine allergens. This helps to ensure that there is something safe for everyone to eat at the party!


Potlucks usually involve returning for second helpings, so don’t bring anything that will wilt or spoil quickly. A typical marinated six bean salad is a great dish to be served at a potluck as it’s full of fiber and pairs well with most proteins. If you want something a little more exciting, try this Tuscan Sangria® and White Bean Salad. Made with snacking tomatoes, crunchy nano cucumbers, and smooth cannellini beans, this salad incorporates fresh Mediterranean flavors, is very colorful, and has a great variety of textures. The best part is that this can be made the night before to allow the flavors to enhance.


Wouldn’t it be nice if your dish was such a big hit with partygoers that everyone wanted the recipe? One nice thing about potlucks is that everyone tends to make something that they enjoy and is usually quite proud of the dish they prepared, which makes for a great conversation starter. It could be a family recipe that has been passed down through generations, or it could be a hot, new exciting salad that they discovered online and wanted to try.  This gives everyone the chance to try new things and who knows, maybe find their new favorite dish! 

When the sun is shining, nothing beats a cool summer salad to help you beat the heat. This sweet and spicy Summer Mini Pepper Salad is the perfect dish to enjoy on a hot day. The sweetness of the Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers is perfectly balanced by the heat of the jalapeno peppers, while the lemon maple dressing adds a refreshing zing. The best part is that it only takes a few minutes to prepare and this salad can be made ahead of time and served chilled. It’s quick and easy and sure to be a hit.  


One thing to consider when bringing a dish to a party is how much to bring. If there are 20 people attending, you do not have to serve for 20! A good rule of thumb is to plan to serve half the guest list with your dish as there will be so many other options and guests will be eating smaller portions to try everything. The Mini Melon and Peach Caprese Salad with a simple lemon vinaigrette is a really impressive platter. It includes juicy Azuca Red Cherry Tomatoes, peaches, fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, and  SolaraTM Mini Melons, which are perfectly sweet and add a tropical vibe to this platter. 


When organizing a potluck gathering, it is fun idea to have a theme to help everyone decide what to bring. Everyone enjoys a themed party, and they may even get creative in decorating the dish. Asking your guests ahead of time about any allergies is a nice courtesy so that you can let those contributing know if there are any items that they should avoid. On the day of the event, we recommend having a variety of spoons, tongs, and other serving utensils on the table so that everything is easily accessible. It’s also a good idea to get some takeout containers that your guests can fill with leftovers and take home with them! For ease on the day of the get-together, it is ideal to have everything set up ahead of time so you can enjoy socializing with guests and people will have a place to put their contributions when they arrive.

So if you are planning a party or heading to a potluck, we hope you will find that these wilt-free salads are a good choice for outdoor summer gatherings. Choose a recipe that is filled with fresh, greenhouse grown fruits and vegetables in order to ensure that guests will be filled with energy to enjoy the get-together. It’s useful to have recipes that can be made the night before in order to be more flexible with your schedule. Try new recipes that will excite your taste buds and experiment with the presentation of colors, flavors, and textures to impress everyone at the party!

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