Are you ready to explore the great outdoors this Summer? No pre-adventure checklist is complete unless you have the snacks accounted for. Rewarding and satisfying, enjoying a treat along the way just adds to the adventure experience. Fresh fruits and veggies are a great source of nutrients and best of all they are easy to pack and better fuel than other quick, pre-packaged choices. Fueling your body with hydrating produce, especially in the warmer weather, is the way to go to complement your best life and make sure you are ready to hit the great outdoors.

We believe that spending time in the open-air and enjoying outdoor adventures can help enrich people’s lives. There is nothing quite like spending a day enjoying the natural light, fresh breeze, and the soothing sounds of nature. There is just something special about being outdoors, bringing our attention to the present moment, and sharing unforgettable experiences. No matter your athletic prowess, there are many great activities you can do like taking a road trip to enjoy some beautiful scenery, going on a bike ride on a local trail, or simply hanging out in the park with family. But as we all know, no experience can be complete without snacks. So, what makes the perfect on-the-go snack?


Convenience is important when it comes to on-the-go snacking. Carrying too many things for your outdoor activities is the last thing you want to worry about. If you prefer light leisure activities such as walking to take in the scenery, you’ll need your favorite walking shoes, a backpack to carry your phone in case of emergencies, a water bottle, and the perfect single-serving snack.

What makes a perfect single serving snack?

We’re passionate about providing delicious, nutritious food that makes you feel great every day. A perfect single serving snack that benefits your health should be natural, provide clean energy, and be a good source of hydration. Plus, you won’t want to litter in mother nature. We think that one of the best on-the-go snacks is SolaraTM, the first personal-sized, sustainable, greenhouse-grown melon.  It is mildly cool, sweet, and juicy, and fits in the palm of your hand and no waste! Pack it in your backpack and with a quick slice and scoop you can experience your own personal paradise!


Keeping your body fuelled with essential vitamins and minerals will help you enjoy your activity more, no matter if it’s light activity, a long bike ride, or a lovely hike on a trail. You’ll feel more productive and motivated if you have that extra boost of energy! It’s convenient and tasty to have the perfect size pint of vegetables with you especially because there is no prep involved! With greenhouse grown vegetables they always deliver the same great taste and consistent nutrition. Our Snack+ packs, are the perfect way to take your snack time to new heights. They are the perfect combination of tomatoes, mini cucumbers, and mini sweet peppers that will keep you energized. It’s a quick grab-and-go option, and what’s not to enjoy about eating a rainbow of colours that can make you feel alive and vibrant? If you are looking for more of a bright summery experience another great option for outdoor fun is Bumbles® Yellow Grape Tomatoes, which are fun-sized, vibrant, and tangy – your taste buds will be buzzing after a few bites!


Your body is a working machine that requires electrolytes to function properly while participating in outdoor activities. Electrolytes aid in the maintenance of fluid balance and muscle contraction. Even if you are enjoying a relaxing day at the park with your family, it is very important to stay hydrated in warmer weather. Water is not the only source of hydration – did you know cucumbers are also a great option because they contain 95% water, in addition to essential nutrients like sodium, potassium, and magnesium? Cucumbers are a satisfying, crunchy snack that we happen to grow four varieties of – making options readily available for everyone.  

For on-the-go snacking, Poco Bites® Cocktail Cucumbers are the perfect size cucumber that you can pack in your bag, or easily use the handy handle while biking or walking. Another fantastic alternative is Uno BitesTM Nano Cucumbers – youngsters and adults alike enjoy these one-bite treats that they can eat by the handful. They don’t require any preparation, are delicious without dip, and provide a satisfying crunch. There’s no need to constantly telling kids to drink water because munching is always more entertaining!

Grab-and-go is without a doubt the best idea when it comes to selecting the perfect snacks for your next outdoor adventure. They make packing easier and don’t require any preparation or extra waste that you have to carry back with you. It’s important to fuel your daily adventures with nutrient-dense fruits and vegetable so that you ensure to stay energized.  By choosing fresh, greenhouse grown fruit and veggies, you can rely on consistent availability, flavor, and nutrients, plus feel good about knowing that they are grown in a sustainable way. So pack all the snacks, remember to stay hydrated, and most importantly, have fun as you explore the great outdoors. It’s time to #snackhealthy!

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