Families across North America are adding more organic vegetables to their grocery carts than ever before. In fact, the Food Marketing Institute says in its 2022 report on the Power of Produce that organic vegetable sales increased 6% over the last year and 30% of people expect to buy even more organic food in the future!

If you’re like millions of people who are choosing to go organic, you know how important it is to find brands you can trust that offer healthy and delicious organic options year-round. Luckily, Pure Flavor® has a full lineup of greenhouse grown organic produce that’s available 365 days a year so your family can always enjoy the quality you expect and deserve.

By making the choice to eat organic, you’re choosing sustainability, quality & nutrition. In fact, 76% of people we surveyed said they buy organic vegetables because it’s healthier. Pure Flavor® believes eating healthy shouldn’t mean sacrificing flavor and has earned a reputation for growing organic vegetables that are just as tasty as they are nutritious.

Let’s take a look at how you can incorporate each unique organic vegetable into your home’s menu every day.

Organic Peppers –

If you want to grab a quick, healthy snack on your way out the door, Pure Flavor® grows the perfect organic pepper for you – Organic Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers. Loaded with Vitamin C, iron, B6 & many more important vitamins and minerals, these two-bite peppers are dippable, sliceable, shareable, & simply loveable!

In your lunchbox, they pair perfectly with hummus and cheese, or you can use them in your favorite recipes grilled, sauteed, or stuffed.

For savory stuffed peppers that will warm you up this fall, go with an all-organic recipe made with Pure Flavor® Organic Sweet Bell Peppers. Don’t limit yourself to one dish with these delish peppers though: try them in a nutritious stir fry or veggie hash browns for breakfast.

Organic Cucumbers –

Greenhouse grown organic cucumbers are refreshing & have that natural, crisp flavor that energizes your body for more studying, exercising, work or play.

Organic Mini Cucumbers are a kid-favorite option for families who prefer to snack on organic veggies. Convenience is key to following a healthy diet & these small cukes make eating healthy easy. Simply slice them into spears or coins and pack them into lunches with cheese & crackers, your favorite dip, or a fresh salad. Feeling a bit more adventurous? Take your salad game up a notch with a Greek-Style Panzanella Salad. If you want to keep things classic, slice up an Organic Long English Cucumber that’s guaranteed to deliver a mild, hydrating flavor every time.

Organic Tomatoes –

Kids love to snack on Organic Sangria® Medley Tomatoes; colorful snacking tomatoes that brighten up any cheese board & complement decadent ingredients like ricotta cheese, prosciutto, and black olives. Try using them in simple, healthy organic recipes like Fresh Veggie Barley Bowls and Grilled Southwest Chicken Salad.

Organic Juno® Bites Red Grape Tomatoes are another bite-sized snacking tomato perfect for healthy eating on-the-go. Classic tomato flavor in a tiny package means they’re not only a great treat to enjoy by the handful during recess or after school, but they also make a delicious component in meals like Organic Tomato Chimichurri Crostini and Roasted Salmon with Tomato Peach Salsa.

For quick and easy dishes ー including everything from sandwiches, to salads, to cheeseburgers & more ー Organic Tomatoes-on-the-Vine, Organic Beefsteak Tomatoes, and Organic Heirloom Tomatoes are reliable culinary companions. These tried-and-true favorites are juicy & tender, but also incredibly versatile. While Tomatoes-on-the-Vine give you that natural, distinctive on-the-vine flavor, Beefsteak Tomatoes offer simplicity and a meaty texture. Organic Heirloom Tomatoes are also large slicing tomatoes, but come in unique shapes and colors that will paint your palate with bold flavor.

When it comes to cooking with organic tomatoes, you can’t go wrong with Organic Luna® Sweets Cocktail Tomatoes and Organic Roma Tomatoes, two very unique ingredients that home cooks and professional chefs love.

Luna® Sweets combine vine-ripened sweetness with a meaty outside that elevates any appetizer. Wow dinner guests with gourmet organic recipes like Roasted Tomato Chicken Piccata and California Chicken. Roma Tomatoes are the ultimate choice for making homemade organic pasta sauce, organic salsa, or a fresh recipe like Stuffed Tofu in Spicy Organic Tomato Sauce.

For any gourmet dish, salad, or snack, there’s an organic vegetable growing right now in a sustainable Pure Flavor® greenhouse that will take it to the next level.

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