We’ve set the stage for your next party using some of our favorite healthy holiday entertaining appetizers that are filled with fresh greenhouse grown fruits & vegetables! By keeping greenhouse grown products on hand you can easily put together delicious and healthy options when family and friends drop by, leaving you more time for mingling! Take note of these easy, flavorful appetizers that will certainly wow your guests and leave everyone feeling great!

It’s the season for entertaining so put on the sparkles, pop the bubbly, and wow your guests this holiday season with delicious grazing boards & flavorful party snacks! Struggling to think of something new that everyone will love? Well, no need to look any further as Pure Flavor® greenhouse grown products will help you maximize flavor and create a buzz with freshness in every bite.  

Prepping ahead of gatherings or having items on hand in case of unexpected guests is a must over the holidays. This will help you feel prepared, set a beautiful stage for gatherings, and allow you to relax & enjoy time with your visitors when the party starts. Grazing boards offer a medley of flavors and can display both sweet & savory items together, while pop-in-your-mouth appetizers add unique flavor pairings. Get ready to welcome guests with some of our favorite healthy appetizers for holiday entertaining.

Tortellini Caprese Skewers –

The colors of this appetizer just scream holidays! These Tortellini Caprese Skewers are a take on the classic, crowd-pleaser Caprese salad, and the perfect finger food to serve at your holiday gatherings. Cooked tortellini, sweet and delicious Juno® Bites Red Grape Tomatoes, mini mozzarella balls, and fresh basil give your guests a burst of flavors in an easy to grab-and-enjoy form.  Juno® Bites Red Grape Tomatoes have a juicy pop of sweetness that adds to every bite. Since they are greenhouse grown, they’re at peak ripeness all year round, making them the perfect snack addition during the holiday season. Skewers are a great idea for parties because guests can easily pick them up and mingle while enjoying them. You can prep the tortellini ahead of time and put them together when your schedule permits by simply adding the other ingredients to the skewers, alternating colors. Add a balsamic glaze to finish off this easy and fresh appetizer right before you serve! In the end, you have beautiful results with minimal kitchen time.

Mini Pepper Poppers –

If you’re looking for a more indulgent dish to serve, try these Mini Pepper Poppers that can be made in 30 minutes with impressive results. This quick and easy baked holiday hors d’oeuvre features fresh Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers stuffed with decadent filling and flaky crescent wrapping. The Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers add a pop of sweetness to this appetizer which balances the cream cheese and cheddar cheese filling and appeals to all flavor profiles. To prepare these treats, start by mixing your filling and stuffing the mini peppers, wrap each pepper in a crescent dough pastry, brush with egg wash, and pop in the oven for 15 minutes. These are best served warm, but you can easily prep these ahead of time and reheat them when it is time to serve.

Mediterranean Mezze Platter –

This Mediterranean Mezze Platter from our friend @fitmamarealfood is perfect for entertaining a large crowd. Not only are large grazing boards beautiful, but this version is also nourishing while being super simple to put together! You can load it up with all of the fresh options you have on hand for your guests. Snacking vegetables like Sangria® Medley Tomatoes add a variety of tastes and colors to this dish, Uno™ Bites Nano Cucumbers add the perfect crunch, and along with sweet Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers, are ideal for dipping! These greenhouse grown options are in season all year round making it easy to add colorful, nutritious, and fresh vegetables for your guests to snack on. A cheese board is impressive on its own, but if you add extra elements like fresh fruits & vegetables, tasty dips, and fun Mediterranean ingredients, you can easily take your grazing board to the next level!


Leave yourself time to enjoy your friends and family this holiday season by being prepared with delicious, healthy recipe ideas for entertaining. We hope we’ve inspired you to incorporate some fresh appetizers into your holiday festivities. Holiday entertaining doesn’t have to be hard or stressful. Whether it’s putting together simple apps or having fresh vegetables ready to snack on, entertaining is easy when you have tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and melons in your fridge. Keep it fresh this holiday season by creating some of these new healthy holiday appetizer ideas!

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