With the kids off from school and a break from work during the holidays, why not use that extra time together to create festive treats the whole family can enjoy. Getting kids in the kitchen is a great way to keep them entertained and to answer that never-ending request for snacks! We’ve compiled some easy to assemble recipes, as well as holiday activity sheets to help make the most of the holiday break.

The holiday season can sometimes be so hectic – from festive parties, to never-ending wrapping, and last-minute to-do’s. It’s important to make sure you have simple, healthy snacks on hand to keep your festive spirits high. And, with the kids off school, it may also seem like “I’m bored” or the request for snacks are constant! We’re here to help! We know kids adore snacks, whether they are chocolate, candy canes, cookies, or cakes, but we’ve put together some fun ideas using greenhouse grown fruits & veggies that will also keep them entertained! Plus, making these healthy snacks is a fun way to spend time together and it gives your kids a chance to learn more about veggies while being creative! So, if you are packing the car for a family road trip or looking for treats to enjoy with your favorite holiday movies, here are a few quick and simple suggestions for snacking and family-friendly activities.


Full of nutritional value, Pure Flavor® greenhouse grown vegetables make sure that fun snacks are also good for you! Water is crucial to your body’s proper functioning and our Mini Cucumbers contain 95% water to help you stay hydrated. Sangria® Medley Tomatoes are high in potassium which may help reduce blood pressure, protect against stroke and prevent osteoporosis. Both cucumbers and tomatoes are also high in fiber which helps maintain gut health, lower cholesterol and control blood sugar levels. Using them in these fun recipes can help everyone stay healthy during cold and flu season.


These Cucumber Christmas Tree Skewers using Pure Flavor® Mini Cucumbers are the perfect festive snack or appetizer for the holiday season! Our friend Elizabeth @jam_jar_kitchen was inspired to get her kids involved with creating a holiday snack that they would also enjoy eating. Snacking tomatoes like Juno® Bites Red Grape Tomatoes or an Aurora Bite Mini Sweet Pepper could make a great base for a vegetarian option.


Pure Flavor® has just released its second greenhouse grown melon, making this fruit available all year round! The Alonna™ Canary Melons is crisp, refreshing, and sweet, and it’s ideal for snacks like skewers. These easy-to-make Rocky Road Melon Skewers layer melon cubes with chocolate, pecans, and marshmallows. Assembling them can make a fun game for counting and learning patterns!


Snacks on a stick are always more fun! No matter what time of year it is, our greenhouse grown Sweet Blooms® Strawberries are bite-sized, juicy, and berriously delicious™! These Strawberry Banana Kebabs are loaded with vitamins and protein, making them a sure-fire winner for any age. It’s a great conversation starter with the kids about the importance of fueling your day with nutritious food.


Add some color to your party spread with Sangria® Medley Tomatoes! Create a lovely wreath with the perfect combination of sweet, tart, salty, and savory flavors. This Caprese Style Holiday Wreath is ready in 15 minutes and is a fun activity for the kids to help create a fun snacking centerpiece! Arrange the basil for the base, then top with tomatoes, cheese, and serve with a balsamic glaze for dipping.


Join the Mini Munchies® and a few extra holiday pals as they add a festive touch to our seasonal activity sheets. These sheets are formatted to be easily printed and can be enjoyed at home or on the go – perfect to keep the kids entertained on long car rides for holiday travels! Color in the Grinch & Cindy Loo Who, find the path to enlarge the Grinch’s heart, or play a festive classic like count and find!


Make sure to check out our recently published blog that rounds up the Top 10 Movies & Snacks to enjoy over the holiday season. Sometimes the best part of movie nights is what you munch on while watching them! This list is filled with perfectly themed snacks to accompany each movie! From easy bite-sized options to full recipes, we have something for everyone on this list! Create more lasting memories with your family this holiday season and plan your next movie night together. See how many of these classics that you can watch before the New Year!


Cooking, creating, cuddling up with a movie – there are so many fun ways to spend the extra time together this holiday season! If you are lucky enough to have snow, pack some snacks & head out tobogganing or grab a travel mug with hot cocoa and take a walk through the neighborhood to look at all the holiday lights. Try something different and have an outdoor campfire or stay inside by the fireplace with a good book – just make sure to always keep fresh greenhouse grown fruits & veggies on hand for snacking! From fruity Cloud 9® Bite-Sized Tomatoes to crunchy, hydrating Uno Bites™ Nano Cucumbers, keeping the family fueled with healthy snacks can be super simple.

Check out our Live Deliciously® 2022 Healthy Holidays Guide for more ideas on how to use greenhouse grown products in festive recipes, plus a seasonal Spotify playlist to make your home magical for the holidays.

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