Classic Alfredo sauce is an authentic Italian white cream sauce that is a restaurant crowd-pleaser but can also be a new home-cooked favorite! Its versatile nature makes it a tasteful dip option to drizzle over gourmet pizzas, meats and roasted vegetables. The creamy and divine flavor of Alfredo sauce shouldn’t be limited to a dining out only experience, everyone can get their hands on this savory creation, but how? We’ve partnered with Mary Harp, an admired blogger, to share our excitement for her heavenly and healthy classic Alfredo sauce recipe.  

Alfredo pasta sauce

Mary is a heartfelt health enthusiast who puts family first, especially in the kitchen! She is devoted to sharing her vast food knowledge, offering helpful wellness tips and recipes in her well-known blog, The Healthy Christian Home. Her view of an abundant life entails lots of quality time together with her family making new memories each day. Mary and her husband Richard have always formed sentimental bonds around making time to create and cherish meals along with the whole family. Their special “Alfredo pasta nights” have been going strong in the family for 12 years and they are her absolute favorite! Together as a family, they make this meal once per week, usually while having a viewing marathon of Richard and Mary’s favorite show, The Office. Not to mention the joy of seeing their kid’s excitement on Alfredo pasta night, her boys have a tendency to bolt to the table full speed ahead of the first sound of Mary’s dinner call. Let’s just say, there’s something about Mary’s classic Alfredo sauce.

Mary’s Alfredo Sauce 101: The ingredient list you can’t go without:

  • Butter – One rule, keep it real and authentic as the traditional Italians do. That’s what Mary does; she prefers salted and only the real stuff. 
  • Cream – Half and half is good, but she recommends keeping this tasty treat on the heavier, creamy side for that rich, smooth taste. If you want to use milk, you can use that too! Try to use whole milk if you can to keep the texture thick and creamy.
  • Garlic – Mary encourages you to keep it real and pure, this means fresh produce minced and diced yourself, it makes such a difference in the flavor.
  • Parmesan cheese – Take a fresh block of Parmesan from the store and start grating it into the sauce, then stir repeatedly for a smooth texture that’s consistent. 
  • Cream cheese – For a thicker and creamier end result, cream cheese is the ingredient a lot of average Alfredo sauces tend to miss out on. Plus, it’s more cheese, you can’t go wrong!
tomatoes roasting

At Mary’s most recent family Alfredo night, it was a flavor experience like never before using a new, unique variety of Pure Flavor® Cherry Tomato – RedRoyals™ Sweet Cherry Tomatoes on-the-Vine. She never thought she would admit this, but the super sweet burst of flavor from the RedRoyals™ was just as good as her parents’ home garden, if not better! She drizzles the RedRoyals ™ with olive oil, ads salt, pepper and fresh garlic cloves for an enhanced richness. The tomatoes are then roasted at 400° degrees for 10-15 minutes until they begin to burst into a softer, juicy, caramelized texture. Once the tomatoes are roasted to a majestic sweetness, they are added onto the classic Alfredo sauce pasta recipe for a delicious addition to the Harp family’s pasta night! See Mary’s Classic Alfredo Pasta recipe here.   

Mary has always had a strong passion for health and wellness, and knowing she is taking care of herself and her family’s health is an integral part of her life. Cherry tomatoes on-the-vine by nature are low in calories and packed with nutrient-dense essential vitamins and minerals, making RedRoyals™ a trusted Harp family favorite. Cherry tomatoes are a good source of vitamin C and manganese which both play a vital role in brain health and mood regulation. Simply adding RedRoyals™ to your meals and dishes is an easy addition that makes a big difference in your health and wellbeing. It is vital for Mary always to strive to be the best mom and wife she can be, and one way she does this is by making sure her family’s meal ingredients are trusted and healthy.

You still haven’t heard the best part! Mary’s Alfredo sauce is gluten-free and low carb as it excludes flour. Not to mention, it’s a high-fat healthy option with real ingredients, simply find a gluten-free pasta of your liking to make your own Alfredo night creations!

As you can see, a classic Alfredo sauce is an excellent option for just about anyone! The best part is, it only takes a short 10-15 minutes to make. You’re welcome to use your Alfredo sauce creation for any occasion, but we recommend you make it a routine tradition just like Mary and her family. You can also visit our vast recipe selection or visit Healthy Christian Home for recipes sure to help you live out a happier and healthier life.