“We are the next generation of vegetable growers.”

These are the words of Pure Flavor® President Jamie Moracci as he looks to inspire a new wave of greenhouse leaders with a company positioned to put quality, flavor, and customers first, with farms strategically located throughout North America.

Founded in May 2003, you could consider Pure Flavor® the new kid on the block when it comes to the produce game. But, the company has churned out milestone after milestone during its 15-year tenure, with three leaders at the helm rallying their produce backgrounds to gain ground and build relationships across the retail space: Jamie, along with Chief Financial Officer Jeff Moracci, and Executive Vice President Matt Mastronardi. The three Co-Founders and University of Windsor graduates have been friends since they were kids, bringing not only that wealth of greenhouse-growing ties, but the family element as well.

As the team looks downfield and shapes the vision for their ongoing success, the three execs continue to cultivate their roots while also planting the seeds of a legacy. The natural and logical evolution from a sales company into a vertically integrated, multinational greenhouse vegetable company has not always been an easy road but, then again, where is the satisfaction in “easy”?

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