It is exciting to see our team continue to grow with passionate young people! Abbey’s enthusiasm to help people achieve a healthy lifestyle makes her the perfect addition to the Pure Flavor® Strategic Marketing Team. Read on to hear Abbey’s journey and insight to her first 30 days as a Marketing Assistant and what she is most excited about!

Growing up so close to Leamington, ON, I was introduced to the greenhouse industry from a very young age. Whether it was playing on a sports team that was sponsored by a local greenhouse, eating greenhouse grown produce, or seeing massive facilities with acres upon acres of fresh vegetables growing inside while driving around my small town , I realize now how little I really knew about what the greenhouse industry consisted of. When I stepped into the Pure Flavor® Farms greenhouse for the first time, I was amazed by what was going on behind the glass. From the moment the seed is planted, to how the crop is cared for, to the moment it is picked and transported to the pack house, it is far more than I could have imagined.


After recently graduating from Brock University with a Bachelor of Business Communications, I have joined the Pure Flavor® team as a Marketing Assistant. Even though I am new to the professional world, I knew that marketing was the career path for me. Starting my career in the greenhouse industry was never a question either because I always knew that at some point in my career, I wanted to experience what it was like to have even the smallest impact on helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle. I am no stranger to a fast-paced atmosphere, having served at a golf course and interned for the Canada Games, so when I was told that no day in the marketing department at Pure Flavor® is the same, I knew this was was where I wanted to be. The team that I am so fortunate to work with motivates me to work harder than I could have ever imagined. As a Marketing Assistant, I’ve had an opportunity to participate in market research, the planning of various promotional campaigns, special event planning, content development, and many other aspects of telling the story of what it’s like to Live Deliciously®.


There hasn’t been a single second throughout my first 30 days at Pure Flavor® when I haven’t had something to do. Our Adopt-A-School program, in which we provide our Mini Munchies® Snack Packs to schools in Southern Ontario, Texas, and Georgia, was the first project I took on. This program supports healthy eating initiatives in local schools and by providing our A-A-S partners with fresh snacking veggies weekly, it will help to create life-long veggie lovers! With a lack of funds in some areas, the veggies we provide can make an impact on those who do not have regular access to fresh vegetables. By giving back to the communities where Pure Flavor grows and markets its vegetables, it creates a greater connection to the brand and how our goal of fueling healthy lifestyles is very real and attainable, regardless of the season. 

Participating in content production and execution is one of the most creative things I have done so far. From recipe research to photoshoot planning and participation, I appreciate learning the process from beginning to end in order to see how each member of our team contributes to the final product. The amount of research that goes into the recipes and the types of content we create in order to help encourage people to eat more fruits & veggies astounded me at first, but now I see how important it is to go beyond the package in all that we do to ensure that we connect our products to all consumption opportunities throughout the day. There is a definitely a very specific and purposeful marketing strategy in place to grow the Pure Flavor® brand.


With the new Strategic Marketing Team offices now located at the farm, we are literally 75 feet away from where our vegetables are grown – I can look out our office window and see thousands of plants producing amazing tomatoes & cucumbers. Being so close to the crop has allowed me to learn a lot about what goes on behind the scenes of producing great tasting produce. I had no idea about the various processes that were involved in a greenhouse; the materials plants are grown in and how they are cared for, how we use bumblebees to pollinate, an automated glass roof for ventilation, dedicated water drip & plant nutrition systems, and so much more that I couldn’t reasonably incorporate everything I’ve discovered about plant-growing technologies in one blog! For example, when explained, vertical plant growth now makes perfect sense because it enables growers to maximize the amount of space available for plants. I just didn’t think twice about it before. I now know the basics on how produce is grown, but I’m interested to learn more in the months ahead.

In addition to the sophisticated technologies the growers use, there are also natural methods like how Ladybugs are used as a good bug or beneficial bug in the greenhouse to keep all the plants healthy. There are so many interesting aspects of greenhouse growing that I am excited to learn more about! I’m fortunate to work with so many people who know the sector inside and out, and I’ve had the opportunity to pick their brains about the processes involved. There’s a lot more to it than just watering the plants! From the outside, the farm appears to be one thing, but once inside, it is a completely different world. There is so much to learn, and I am eager to do so. Our brand story is different than most; the content we create and promote weekly is about fuelling heathy lifestyles – social media content, blog, recipes, and our very popular Live Deliciously ® eMagazine – a quarterly flip book that highlights our products, recipes, grower stories, and our vast network of content creators. 

You might be surprised to learn that we grow a very wide variety of produce besides the usual cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers. When I was researching everything I could about Pure Flavor® before my first interview, I noticed all the award-winning produce we grow, and I was very excited to have a chance to taste and be a part of the success. Before working at Pure Flavor® I did not have the opportunity to try most of the delicious produce that we have to offer. Having had the opportunity to now sample a wide variety of products, I can vouch for the quality behind the brand. There are numerous ways to consume, enjoy, and share the produce that Pure Flavor® has to offer, but some of my and my family’s favourites so far: Cloud 9 ® Bite-Sized Fruity TomatoesRedRoyals®Sweet Cherry Tomatoes On-the-VineAurora Bites, and of course our new Solara™ Melons – believe me if you get the chance to try them, you won’t be disappointed!

It’s been a fantastic first 30 days and has got me very excited for what is to come in the future for my career at Pure Flavor®. When I tell you how great it feels to see the Pure Flavor® brand on social media and in grocery stores knowing I played a part in growing the brand that people love & appreciate, it’s motivating and inspiring! I can’t wait to see what lies ahead.