Do you always feel like you’re putting together the same old salad recipes during the summer? We all easily rely on tried and true recipes but our friend Megan from @Mamaofwholelittles sent us this fresh new idea for a great summer salad that will please all palates! If you are looking for new, simple plant-based and gluten-free recipes to serve this season – look no further than this Melon Jicama Salad! This salad is perfect for summer get togethers because of it’s surprising textures and flavors. Plus it tastes even better when it is made ahead of time!

I can be guilty of making a fruit salad almost weekly in the summer when the kids are home! But when I try a new ingredient for the first time like the Solara™ Melon, I always feel inspired to think outside of the box with recipe ideas and help expose my kids to new foods! I want to make sure that the main ingredient shines, is complemented well by the other ingredients, oh and try to keep it simple and healthy! This Melon Jicama Salad recipe checked off all those boxes and best of all, it is completely plant-based! Your kids will love the fresh, refreshing flavors of this salad too and to me that’s a win-win.


I loved using the Solara™ Mini Melon for this recipe!  To be honest, my kid’s favorite thing about these sweet little melons was being able to use them as a little bowl to eat out of! Since I really like to prioritize meal prep, it’s not often that my kids can experience a whole fruit like that, but after my photoshoot for this recipe, they went to town enjoying scooping out the sweet emerald colored fruit with a spoon! I am so happy that my kids enjoyed the melons so much because, besides the fact that they are delicious, they are packed with tons of nutrients, and they are the very first of their kind! I don’t think I have ever been able to say that about a produce item before so that is very exciting in itself! I bet you are waiting for the details on this new recipe, so let’s dive in.

When I first heard about this personal-sized melon, I started thinking sweet and fruity, and then wanted to tie in a unique flavor that I don’t normally go for that would still let the tropical taste shine through. When I thought about jicama, I knew I had the right combination for the job!


I first tried jicama at the beginning of the pandemic when I started shopping at a new-to-me grocery store that carries lots of unique produce items. (Side note: it’s also where I locally find my favorite Pure Flavor® items!) At one point, this grocery store carried whole jicama, jicama fries, and even jicama tortillas – having these pre-made slices were what encouraged me to try something new. I loved pairing the jicama with savory things like taco meat, hummus, or guacamole. It soon became a new favorite and I was ready to try it with something unique and sweet – the perfect job for the Solara™ Mini Melons. 

My very favorite thing about this recipe is how simple it is to make. Don’t get me wrong, it takes a little time to peel, cut, and dice the jicama and the mini melons, but once that’s done, it’s just a mix-and-go dish which is perfect for busy summer nights, or a grab and go lunch. 


In my experience, the best way to prepare jicama for a dish is to first peel it with a potato peeler. The firmness and texture of jicama reminds me of an apple, so that’s where I got the connection in my mind on how to prepare this vegetable. Now, as far as the melons go, that’s a whole new story! I know that there are several ways to prepare a traditional-sized melon but with the unique size of the Solara™ Mini Melon, I find that the best way to prep it for a recipe is to cut it in half across the equator, scoop out the seeds and dice it into cubes, taking it off the outer rind. It takes a little time, but this way ensures the least waste of our already sustainably grown melon.  

Once your melon and jicama are prepped, you can toss the remaining ingredients- lime juice, salt, and mint – into a bowl and mix. Top with sea salt to taste. The salty and bold flavors of lime juice and sea salt bring out the flavor in the jicama and enhance the refreshingly sweet flavor of the mini melons. If you like the flavor of Tajin, and you are not worried about little mouths thinking that it’s spicy, I think it’s a wonderful addition on top.


I know what you’re thinking and yes, it’s that simple to make! I love to bring this dish to a get-together to surprise family and friends with these unique flavors and textures. I always see the same side dishes at get-togethers and it’s really fun to let everyone try something different that they might not normally make at home! The Solara™ Mini Melon always impresses party guests by adding a beautiful emerald color to the dish and a sweet refreshing taste. Plus, making something that is plant-based and gluten-free pretty much guarantees that everyone at the get-together will be able to enjoy it. The best part is that this salad is super easy to prepare ahead of time so you can store it in the fridge and serve when you are entertaining or heading to a summer get together! Making it in advance actually allows for the sweet and salty flavors of this dish to combine together, meaning it’s even yummier when you prepare it ahead of time!

Now that you know how easy this recipe is, I’m sure you’ll be making it all summer too! The best part is getting to expose your family and friends to new flavors and texture combinations! It’s refreshing, light, plant-based and best of all so easy! I find it so fun to experiment with healthy recipes in the kitchen and have my kids try new foods in a tasty way. Don’t get me wrong, the classics are classics for a reason but be sure to try this Melon Jicama Salad in the kitchen this summer, you truly won’t regret it!