January is often referred to as Health Month as the start of the New Year is a great time to power up, supercharge your body and balance your insides. Luckily, with greenhouse grown vegetables, accessing fresh produce year-round means that you don’t have to sacrifice fresh – even in the middle of winter! Discover the superpowers of Peppers & Cucumbers and how combined they make for a tasty detox that your body will thank you for. Get ready to feel great the whole year through!

The beginning of the new year is a great time to start new routines, incorporate new flavors, eat healthier, and perhaps detox after overindulging on sweets and treats during the holidays. A simple and delicious way to do this is simply by using more vegetables in your meals and snacks.  One of the best parts about purchasing greenhouse grown vegetables is that you have a variety of fresh vegetables throughout the year, even in the middle of the winter!  So why not start this year of fresh, give your digestion a break and try to focus on a diet of mainly vegetables to get back on track. We’ve put together some great facts on how our Cucumbers and Peppers can help you achieve your healthy goals this year.

The Power of Cucumbers and Peppers

Whether you are trying to lose weight, develop healthy eating habits, or are simply focusing on overall health, incorporating more vegetables is a great way to help balance blood sugar and control hunger. Adding fresh vegetables to your diet will provide numerous of benefits into your health. Eating is a voluntary process through which we decide what food we are going to eat to fuel our bodies. Once the food is ingested, the nutrition part begins – this is the involuntary process through which the body receives and absorbs the food’s nutrients. That being said, making healthy and nutritious food choices is important and those choices can generate a positive impact on both our body and mind.

Everything is related, we need to consume vegetables in our daily diet to have energy during the day and incorporate physical activity that will give us good mood, focus and more energy to finalize the day. By using Pure Flavor® greenhouse grown vegetables, it means that you can access fresh food all year-round and can be consistent in making good choices for you and your family.

Bioactive Compounds

Cucumbers and Peppers contain numerous bioactive phtyocompounds that are beneficial to promote overall good health. Consuming these high nutritious vegetables can help reduce inflammation, clean the blood of unhealthy bacteria, and help with cognitive functioning and heart health. To be more specific cucumbers contain lignans and cucurbitacins which are compounds associated with anti-cancer benefits. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene; increased levels of this compound has been associated with a reduction in cardiovascular diseases and can help prevent the aging of the skin and even protects again sunburn. Antioxidants that can be found in fresh vegetables fight free radicals that, in high levels, can be linked to multiple illnesses. Give your body a helping hand by fuelling it with greenhouse grown veggies!

Boost Your Mood

There is a strong relationship between the food we consume and our state of mind. Both the quality and type of food we consume directly influences the way we feel. A balanced and healthy diet will give us the necessary nutrients to help improve our state of mind. Pure Flavor® greenhouse grown vegetables are full of important vitamin and minerals that are rich in anti-depression nutrients like potassium, vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin C, and zinc to name a few.

Make Time to Move

Having a healthy lifestyle is not only eating fruits and vegetables. Physical activity is an important piece on the well-being process. Practicing any type of exercise has multiple health benefits. Lucky for us, there are many options to exercise and find the activity that works for your lifestyle. The most important thing is to find the time to exercise and have the benefits of movement. Cucumbers and Peppers are great for strengthening bones and improving joint health, as they contain nutrients essential for controlling the flow of calcium which supports our bones and joints. There are so many reasons to get active – start by scheduling it into your day and soon it will become a habit that you look forward to!

Staying hydrated is key to good health. After your favorite physical activity, you can replenish with a fresh option as a post workout snack. Poco Bites Cocktail Cucumbers provide a great source of Vitamin K, an essential nutrient needed for building strong bones and preventing fractures. Plus cucumbers contain 95% water so they are perfect to help you stay hydrated. Water is crucial to your body’s proper functioning and will help your skin retain elasticity and glow from the inside out. If you are looking for some inspiration on how to incorporate physical activity that works for your routine and the benefits of movement, visit our Finding Movement & Nutrition blog here.

Remember that the most important piece to make a difference in our bodies starts with the food we consume. Making healthy choices will often determine how we feel both physically and mentally. With Pure Flavor® you have access to fresh and nutrient-rich greenhouse grown vegetables all year round. So why not celebrate the start of a new year and Health Month by balancing your insides with healthy, fresh produce? It is a great time to try new things, start new habits, and most importantly, feel great!

Incorporating healthy lifestyle habits doesn’t have to mean big or sudden changes – sometimes it is as simple as taking a few small steps at a time. Start by adding a few new healthy recipes to your diet that will focus on fresh vegetables. For more inspiration on delicious recipes featuring the power of Peppers and Cucumbers, take a look at these recipes:

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