We know what you’re thinking, salad for breakfast? The answer is YES! The most important meal of the day deserves to be easy and full of healthy, nutrient-dense ingredients like greenhouse grown fruits and vegetables. Breakfast salads can be a great way to start your day without leaving you feeling sluggish, and the best part is that most can be made much faster than your traditional breakfasts leaving you extra time to enjoy!

It’s probably easy to assume that most people don’t necessarily have salads top of mind when it comes to deciding what to eat for breakfast – but they should! One of the best things about salads is that they can be enjoyed at ANY time of the day, including first thing in the morning!  Breakfast salads are not only easy and light, but they can also be packed full of greenhouse grown fruits and vegetables that will fuel your body and mind for the whole day. This makes them an easy (and delicious) choice for the most important meal of the day. Starting your day off on the right foot begins with making healthy choices in the foods that we consume from the start and setting a standard for the rest of the day. From fruit salads to leafy greens topped with protein, there is a breakfast salad to satisfy any craving and get you excited to wake up in the morning. There are many reasons why eating breakfast in the morning matters, but what you eat matters too!


It’s no secret that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. But why is it so important you ask? Eating first thing in the morning not only provides essential nutrients that you will need for the day ahead, it also replenishes your supply of glucose to boost your energy levels and alertness.

Eating salad for breakfast, instead of traditional options like toast and oatmeal, also helps you to get more greenhouse grown fruits and veggies into your day.  In addition to helping you consume the daily recommended amounts of nutrients, breakfast salads also: 

  • Boost your metabolism, helping you burn more calories
  • Stimulate the brain and reduces brain fog
  • Help balance blood sugar levels, lowering your risk of diabetes
  • Boost energy levels
  • Improve your mood 
  • Promote heart health


Stuck on where to start with breakfast salads? There are so many salad recipes that are worthy of being enjoyed for breakfast and we’re here to suggest some of our favorites! From savory to sweet, try these breakfast salads to kickstart your day by adding more fresh, greenhouse grown fruits and vegetables into your morning routine.   


When you think of a breakfast salad, a fruit salad is probably what comes to mind first. It makes perfect sense because they are a great option for breakfast! There are so many versatile fruit salad recipes to fill you with loads of vitamins and nutrients as you start your day. With a hint of natural sugars, they also satisfy your sweet tooth if you crave a sweeter breakfast option! This Melon and Blackberry Salad is naturally sweet from the Solara™ Mini Melons and tangy from the dressing and blackberries. It’s so easy to make for breakfast – simply combine your dressing and salad ingredients together and you are all set. This also is a great option to make ahead of time and serve through the week.  It’s perfectly presented in the Solara™ Mini Melon bowl because who doesn’t love fewer dishes in the morning! 


Breakfast can often be rushed and overlooked in the morning, but it deserves the love and care we often put into our other meals too! This Harvest Salad with Romesco Sauce is not only beautiful, but so tasty! It’s a great option to start your day off right. When you have more time in the morning, perhaps on the weekend or on a day off, try this chef-inspired recipe from Chef Alyssa Price for a show-stopping breakfast salad. The star of this breakfast salad are the Cloud 9® Bite-sized Fruity Tomatoes used for the Romesco Sauce, as well as on top of the salad. To make the Romesco sauce, you will start by baking the tomatoes under the broiler until blistered and broken down. Once cooled, combine them in a food processor with a Sweet Red Bell Pepper, panko, almonds, red wine vinegar, paprika and garlic. To serve the salad, add a dollop of the Romesco on the side of the bowl and arrange your salad, then top with egg, and crumbled cheese. This breakfast salad is a perfect option for your next brunch!


Bowl … Salad… it’s all the same when it comes to breakfast salads! This Baked Eggplant Breakfast Bowl is so delicious with plant-based eggplant bacon and a fried egg served on top of leafy greens like lettuce or kale. It is a great vegetarian option for a breakfast salad but still loaded with protein and fibre. The Craft House Collection® Baby Eggplants are nutrient-rich making them perfect for any breakfast meal or salad.  To make this salad you’ll start by making your Eggplant “bacon” by marinading them with a blend of ingredients and then baking them in the oven. Once that is done and cooled you can assemble the breakfast bowl. In a large bowl combine greens, olive oil, and lemon juice. If you are using kale, massage with the dressing until tender. Top the bowl with avocado slices, chickpeas, eggplant bacon and a fried egg. Nothing is spared for breakfast salad!


We all know that eating breakfast is important but so is making the right choices for that meal to set the stage for the day ahead. By starting with whole foods first thing in the morning, it will leave you feeling satisfied and energized. Our ideas of breakfast foods don’t have to be limited to traditional items, allowing you to be creative with your choices. Salads made with greenhouse grown fruit and veggies can be enjoyed at any time and eating them for breakfast is a great way to ensure you get more nutrients in your daily diet. Starting your day with a meal packed with fruits and vegetables helps fuel your body with energy and clear your mind. Switching up your regular breakfast routine with a new breakfast salad recipe may also get you excited about waking up in the morning and excited for the day ahead of you! Eating salad for breakfast is easy, delicious, and best of all fuels your body and sets your day up for success! 

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