RedRoyals™ Tomatoes On-the-Vine

Delicious food has a way of warming us form the inside out, bringing a sense of calm to long and hectic days. A good vegetable stew is the perfect comfort food, but there are many“meat and potato” stew recipes out there that just don’t hit the spot. A few fresh ingredients can really elevate this simple meal to a feast your family will absolutely love. That’s why we’ve partnered with Mary Harp, from Healthy Christian Home, to bring you our favorite simple but delicious recipes featuring the freshest ingredients. Her stew is the most flavorful we’ve ever tasted and we’re glad Mary isn’t keeping it all to herself!

Mary is a food-lover and mom who seeks out the healthiest, tastiest foods to feed her family – and then writes about it on her blog Healthy Christian Home. Although she isn’t usually much of a fan of tangy, tomato-based vegetable stews, Mary felt an urge to tell the world about the magic of her latest Instant Pot recipe  – a Vegetable Beef Stew that she says is guaranteed to “warm you to your toes” on a chilly winter’s night. The Instant Pot pressure cooker locks in the hearty flavors of the tender beef and vegetables, enhancing the flavor of the whole dish. What makes this recipe uniquely savory compared to other stews is how all the flavors mingle together so perfectly. According to Mary, all the distinct flavors of each ingredient are actually more concentrated and tasty because the Instant Pot keeps the juice and aromas inside. Then, when the stew is almost ready, Mary adds the perfect fresh ingredient to complement her savory feast: majestically sweet Pure Flavor® RedRoyals™ Cherry Tomatoes On-the-Vine. “They really are the most flavorful tomatoes I’ve ever tasted,” says Mary. “They make this soup even yummier.”

Stew in ladel

There’s more to making this fantastic stew than just tossing all your ingredients in a pot and shutting the lid, but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to make. Just a few quick steps can elevate your stew to new heights. First, Mary recommends heating ghee or olive oil and searing the stewing beef chunks. Stewing beef can sometimes be tough and chewy, but by browning it all first you keep all these juices locked inside; then, the pressure cooker does the rest of the work, resulting in fall apart tender bites. Although stewing beef is Mary’s first choice, you can always choose your favorite cut, like fresh chuck roast or even ground beef!

Mary’s second tip is to use an Instant Pot pressure cooker to turn this stew into a family fav that tastes like it’s been simmering all day! As a mother to two young boys, Mary understands the value of quick and delicious homecooked meals. Not only is the Instant Pot quick, but with the proper settings, you can make a better tasting stew. Luckily, Mary isn’t keeping those secret settings to herself. The stew cooks in two steps: once your meat is browned and flavor enhancing vegetables like onions, carrots, celery and garlic are added, set the pressure cooker to manual high pressure for 20 minutes. You can take this time to clean up the countertop or sit back with a glass of wine and read a book. When the timer goes off, quick release the pressure, add the rest of your vegetables and, most importantly, add your RedRoyals™ Cherry Tomatoes On-the Vine. You only have to cook these on high pressure for three minutes to get the perfect balance of sweet and savory.

stew in bowl

Mary’s final tip is to naturally release pressure over 20 minutes, giving you extra time to tackle your do-do list or sit back, relax and finish your chapter! Of course, if you’re in a rush, you can also quick release the pressure and enjoy right away. When it’s ready, scoop an even portion into bowls for your family and make sure to include an even number of RedRoyals™ for everyone – you don’t want anyone fighting over them!  Learn how to make Mary’s Vegetable Beef Stew by reading the full recipe here.

Kids love this stew because RedRoyals™ infuse it with a fresh sweetness and a pleasant aroma that warm and meaty stews are usually missing. They burst with a soft and tasty juice that instantly makes this dish a favorite your kids will ask for time and time again, even after winter has long gone. Mary is passionate about health and wellness, especially when it comes to feeding her family tasty meals. RedRoyals™ are nutrient dense and perfect for growing kids. They are a great source of vitamin C, manganese, iron, all important vitamins and minerals for improving brain health and regulating moods. That extra burst of royal sweetness is balanced by fiber, too, so the whole family can snack on them while the stew is cooking!

Wondering what to serve alongside this delicious feast? Mary has you covered there too. Her family loves sprinkling shredded sharp cheddar or Parmesan cheese on top – sometimes with a dash of hot sauce for the parents! But Mary’s favorite side to serve with her Vegetable Beef Stew? Old-fashioned Crispy Southern Cornbread. Mary cooks her famous cornbread in a smoking hot skillet with only a few ingredients. It’s perfect for dipping in the stew and soaking up the wonderful sweet and savory flavors infused by the cherry tomatoes. Visit Healthy Christian Home for her recipe, passed down for five generations.