‘Twas the week before Christmas in Pure Flavor’s greenhouse
When Bernard and his Elf friends erupted in Wows.
They saw cukes, tomatoes and peppers around:
They knew it was here Mini Munchies would be found!

The day before last, Santa read from a list –
A wish list of gifts that just couldn’t be missed!
A train set, a doll and a litter of puppies.
But what did they mean when they wrote “Mini Munchies”?

Santa sent young Bernard on a far-away quest
To return with the snacks that kids wanted the best.
And now here he was, surrounded by green,
When the owners of Pure Flavor arrived on the scene!

“You can pick all you want and share with the world
the snack that’s so tasty and fresh it’s absurd!”
So Bernard and the elves started picking away,
Tomatoes and peppers and cukes – Hooray!

With a light crispy crunch and a flavorful pop
When the elves started snacking they just couldn’t stop!
So healthy and tasty and fun to eat
That they even picked extra to bring Santa a treat.

When the bins were all filled and the elves were done picking,
they hurried along – the clock was a-ticking!
A conveyor belt helped, but each elf had a role
In packing the gifts – just like at the North Pole!

At the end of the line sat Santa’s red sack.
Inside, the snacks tumbled all into a stack.
They shipped all the treats on a Pure Flavor truck
And hoped to deliver for Christmas, with luck!

When the Mini Munchies arrived, it made Santa’s day;
The elves wasted no time in filling his sleigh!
When the clock struck twelve Santa whistled to go,
but the reindeers’ hooves remained stuck in the snow.

Old Comet and Cupid were too tired to fly,
So Bernard brought a treat he hoped might satisfy.
Mini cukes all around and a bright red tomato
For Rudolph, whose nose promptly started to glow!

Into the air, the sleigh started to lift,
Santa knew that this Christmas he would have to be swift.
House after house and town after town,
he dropped into the chimney and all the way down.

He spread healthy snacks all under the tree,
And on his way out grabbed himself a Mini Munchie.
Cookies and milk were a thing of the past,
These veggies were crunchy, their taste unsurpassed!

Back home to the North Santa’s sleigh did soar,
His sack was empty; he was hungry for more.
So he made one last stop at the Pure Flavor farm.
If he helped himself, there could be no harm!

When he entered the door, all the owners were there.
Santa told them his craving; they were happy to share.
“Take all that you want – these snacks are for you,
And for Rudolph, Bernard, and Mrs. Claus too.”

Santa hopped in his sleigh, Mini Munchies in tow.
As the sleigh lifted off fell the first flakes of snow.
Santa’s voice rang out in the cool winter night,
“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”