Unique flavor profiles are driving consumers wild with authentic eating experiences worldwide. While the choices are endless at retail, greenhouse vegetable growers and seed companies are strengthening their partnerships to develop varieties that continue to raise the bar in quality & flavor. Pure Flavor® vegetable seed partner Enza Zaden recently won the prestigious International Taste Institute Award for the company’s Tribelli® seed which produces Pure Flavor®’s Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers.

Jamie Morraci, President
Jamie Moracci, President

“After years of research & development with Enza Zaden, the Tribelli seed has proven to be a key item for our mini pepper program, said Jamie Moracci, President. Packed under Pure Flavor®’s Aurora Mini Sweet Peppers brand, Tribelli® comes in a variety of colors, has an exceptional taste profile, very low seed count, and comes from a plant that produces a consistent flavor, size, and quality, regardless of the season.

“Our partnership with Enza Zaden on this variety is an important one, we have worked very hard on building this brand of mini sweet peppers to meet the needs of retailers expanding their snacking category of items. As a vertically integrated grower, it is a true honor for Enza Zaden to receive the International Taste Institute Award for the Tribelli variety of mini sweet peppers”, said Moracci.

At the International Taste Institute, all products are analyzed, judged, and scored following a strict and objective methodology through a blind tasting panel.  While not knowing the origin of the products they are tasting, the experts also give comments and suggestions to the producers to guide them for future product improvements or new item launches. Depending on the results of the sensory analysis, certified products are awarded the Superior Taste Award with one, two or three stars, somewhat similar to Michelin stars. The Tribelli® variety was awarded the Superior Taste Award with two stars.

“Tribelli® has earned praise from the most sophisticated palates, proving that it is more than just a pepper. Tribelli® is the concentration of an intense flavor, where taste is always what makes the difference in customers’ experience,” commented Jean-Francois Thomin, Marketing Manager, Enza Zaden North America.

Grown in a variety of very distinct colors, Enza Zaden partners with Pure Flavor® to develop the product in high tech greenhouses all throughout North America. Pure Flavor® has grown the Tribelli® seed that produces the multiple colors of Aurora Sweet Mini Sweet Peppers for the last 5 years. “I believe Enza Zaden is cracking the code to more vegetable consumption worldwide by developing seed varieties that are flavor forward and building a portfolio of cutting-edge innovations like Tribelli®”, said Thomin.

Matt Mastronardi, Executive Vice-President
Matt Mastronardi, Executive VP

“As a brand, we take great pride in marketing the exceptional characteristics of the strategic varieties that we grow. Consumers let us know all the time how much they enjoy the product and how easy it is use, no matter the application,” commented Matt Mastronardi, Executive Vice-President. Pure Flavor® has developed an extensive variety of recipe ideas for consumers to create their own dishes from. The flavor strategy for all of Pure Flavor®’s recipes is to ensure exceptional eating experiences where the consumer can fully enjoy the key characteristics of the ingredients in the dish.

The Tribelli variety plays an important role in Pure Flavor®’s product offering not only as the Aurora Mini Sweet Peppers brand but also as a key ingredient in the Pure Flavor®’s Mini Munchies Snack Sized Veggie Program. The Mini Munchies pack contains Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers, Juno Bites Red Grape Tomatoes, and Poco Bites Cocktail Cucumbers in a convenient 4oz pack.

“I love all the the mini sweet peppers, they are so colorful, crunchy, and sweet. I eat them on their own or with hummus in my lunch at school. My favorite one is the Orange one as it has very few seeds,” said Layla, age 13. Pure Flavor® provides fresh vegetable snacks like the Aurora Mini Sweet Peppers to schools in Leamington, ON, San Antonio, TX, and Fort Valley, GA as part of the company’s ‘Adopt-A-School’ Program.

Grown in high tech greenhouses, Pure Flavor®’s Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers are available year-round in pre-packaged to bulk formats for both retail & foodservice customers. To learn more about Pure Flavor®’s Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers, please visit Pure-Flavor.com/MiniSweetPeppers.