Everybody loves being able to quickly warm up leftovers for lunch the day after a big meal.  In fact, the best part about making a hearty family feast is that everyone can enjoy delicious meals for several days after – without all the work! Easy leftover meals mean you get to sit back and enjoy each other’s company a little bit more. This can be an excellent opportunity to get the kids involved with basic kitchen tasks like chopping up fresh veggies or setting the table. You can take it slow afterwards too because there’s less cleanup!

There are so many delicious flavors out there to enjoy. Don’t just throw yesterday’s dinner in the microwave — create something new in your kitchen! If you’re reusing ingredients from the night before, you want to make sure that your leftover lunch is just as tasty – if not more!

Gyro recipe

Every meal is an opportunity to discover new flavors, textures and combinations. A traditional Roast Beef dinner can be the gift that keeps on giving – and giving and giving!  Mary Harp, creator of the blog Healthy Christian Home, transformed her Roast into the Ultimate Leftover Lunch: Gyros with a fresh, creamy Cucumber Tzatziki!

Pure Flavor® is your go-to resource for simple & healthy meal ideas. That’s why we’re so excited to share with you some of ideas for keeping leftovers fresh – just like Mary has with her delicious Gyro recipe!

Every day in our kitchen, we warm up our leftovers in the microwave for lunch like everyone else. But we also add a little hint of freshness that brightens our day.  The trick to turning leftovers into the ultimate lunch is to add a few fresh ingredients that bring new life to a day-old meal.

Tips for the ‘Ultimate Leftover Lunch’

1. Add new ingredients

Don’t let your leftovers get stuck on repeat. Instead, transform them into an entirely different meal by bringing in new textures and flavors. All you have to do is take new, complementary ingredients that weren’t in last night’s dinner and add them to your lunch. Take a look in your fridge and get creative! A leftover Baked Chicken Breast can be sliced on a sandwich with your favorite BBQ sauce or hot sauce; or, you could layer it on a bed of quinoa with fresh parsley and lemon: voila, you have two completely different recipes!

2. Try switching from one type of cuisine to another

Every corner of the globe has its own cuisine with a distinct set of spices, herbs and unique flavors. Use this to your advantage to transform your leftovers into something new and flavorful. Last night’s Italian Porchetta Pork Roast becomes a flavorful Pulled Pork Taco.  Grilled Meat and Veggie Skewers taste great in a creamy Risotto. The possibilities are endless!

Mini Cucumbers

3. Mix in some fresh vegetables

There’s nothing wrong with simply reheating a plate of spaghetti in the microwave and chowing down. But if you want to switch it up, it only takes a couple minutes to upgrade your lunch with a crisp and refreshing side salad. You could quickly chop up some Pure Flavor® Mini Cucumbers or Pure Flavor® Sangria Medley Tomatoes for a simple and delicious Greek Salad. This small addition makes your whole lunch feel a bit more vibrant.

assembled gyros

Mary’s simply savory Gyros tick all the boxes for the Ultimate Leftover Lunch. Her recipe is fresh, flavorful and super healthy!

You can make her Gyros with almost any leftover meat in your fridge: chicken, pork, turkey, lamb or beef.  This recipe is all about saving time and making the most of what you already have.

The one thing you can’t miss is an extra fresh ingredient that completes the transformation: crisp and hydrating Pure Flavor® Mini Cucumbers.

Mary says that these are the star of her homemade Tzatziki sauce because of their cool freshness, which you just don’t get from store bought Tzatziki.

So, how does Mary make her famous Greek Tzatziki sauce? Luckily, she hasn’t kept this one a family secret!

grated mini cucumbers

First, you grate 2 or 3 Mini Cucumbers using a box grater. Squeeze out all the excess water from the grated cucumber using a paper towel. These Mini Cukes are super hydrating, but you want this sauce to be creamy and not too watery.

mini cucumber tzatziki

Mix in Greek yogurt, garlic, lemon juice, and your favorite herbs and spices. Fresh dill and mint complement nearly any meat. Plus, they taste great with the refreshing cucumbers.

Ta-da, your homemade Tzatziki is ready!

tzatziki sauce with gyros

Now, all you do is reheat your leftover meat and wrap it all up in a pita. Don’t forget to add your favorite toppings: sliced onions, Pure Flavor® Tomatoes on-the-Vine, or some more sliced Mini Cucumbers!

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