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Fresh Vegetable Health Benefits

Juno Bites
Red Grape Tomatoes

Reliable source of Vitamin A, playing a vital role in the health of your immune system which makes it essential for fighting a variety of diseases and illnesses.

Nutritional Facts

Mini Cucumbers

High in iron which promotes good circulation and oxygen distribution to keep your body functioning at peak performance!

Nutritional Facts

Aurora Bites
Mini Sweet Peppers

High source of Vitamin C, playing an important role in growing and repairing tissues such as bones and skin.

Nutritional Facts

Your day is busy with hockey practice, the gym, meetings and family activities. SNACK+ delivers the on-the-go fuel you need. Hydrate, energize and boost antioxidant levels with a healthy dose of greenhouse grown Tomatoes, Peppers and Cucumbers. SNACK+ will change the way you think about snack time. It’s fresh fuel that feels good.