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About Us

Our commitment to growing healthy lifestyles goes beyond the exceptional quality of our greenhouse-grown vegetables. It's sharing our passion for healthier lifestyles with families and communities everywhere.

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The tomato lineup is a superhero team of epic and tasty proportions. Grab your brightest cape, it’s time to #flavorUP.

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So many colors. Endless options. Tastes. Choose your own adventure.

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The human body is 60% water. Cucumbers are 96% water. A match made in hydration.

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Not your average egg here. These are plants…And eggs? We call them Eggplants. And they are tasty.

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Produce from a simpler time.

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Here We Come!

Pure Flavor® is expanding to Peach County, GA with a high tech, 75 acre greenhouse facility that will grow tomatoes, and cucumbers year-round.

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Sometimes the simplest way to connect with kids is by providing awesome snacks! We believe in helping tomorrows leaders get a head-start on healthy active lifestyles.

Snack programs, nutritional education, activity days… when you’re part of the Pure Flavor® family the sky is the limit!

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Pure Flavor Snacking Tomatoes Pure Flavor Snacking Tomatoes Visit our snacking tomato page to learn more.

Endless Learning

Gathering the tastiest news and freshest recipes all in one place.

Mini Munchies

Kid tested - Mom approved!

Our Mini Munchies Snack Sized Veggies aim to promote a healthy, active lifestyle to both children and their parents alike. The perfect healthy snack combination makes it easy for a grab and go snack!

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