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Healthy Active Living

Our commitment to growing healthy lifestyles goes beyond the exceptional quality of our greenhouse-grown vegetables.

It’s sharing our passion for healthier lifestyles with families and communities everywhere. Pure Flavor® is committed to helping everyone live a healthier Life of Pure Flavor by providing delicious, superior quality greenhouse grown vegetables year-round.

What we grow


Left on their vines even after ripening, Tomatoes on the Vine continue to add nutrients and flavor from the Pure Flavor® greenhouses all the way to your home! These firm yet juicy tomatoes are great for roasting on their own, in sandwiches and in fresh salads.


Long English Cucumbers are seedless with a thin green skin. Made of almost 90% water, are full of vitamins, contain no fats, and make for a great hydrating snack! Their cool and refreshing taste makes them perfect for summer salads and coleslaw!


Our Peppers are picture perfect and available in a vibrant array of colors from bright yellow to brilliant red. Between the pop of color, sweet delectable taste, and the high number of vitamins, you will find the perfect addition to almost any dish.


Eggplants are tender and offer a unique flavor and texture wrapped up in a rich color to match. High in phytochemicals, Eggplants can help to lower the risk of heart disease. It’s no wonder eggplant is the most versatile vegetable out there!

The Pure Flavor StoryBook. The title reads, 'Pure energy. Pure enjoyment. Pure living. 2018'

Our 2018 Storybook

Take a flip through our storybook to learn more about our company and how our greenhouse grown veggies come to life. Like the colors of a rainbow, the flavors are endless and so are the opportunities to increase fresh consumption across North America.

Learn More about our company. Download Accessible PDF about our company.

Mini Munchies

Kid Tested – Mom Approved!

Our Mini Munchies Snack Sized Veggies aim to promote a healthy, active lifestyle to both children and their parents alike. The perfect healthy snack combination makes it easy for a grab and go snack!

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We are pure

With Expanding operations across North America, learn more about how we are growing our business.

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media inquiries

As we grow our business so does interest in our expansion. For all media inquiries regarding Pure Flavor, please contact us.


Pure Flavor® requires an extensive workforce to manage all of its facilities. View current employment opportunities:

Map of South-Eastern United States with a map marker on Georgia


Here we come!

Pure Flavor® is expanding to Peach County, GA with a high tech, 75 acre greenhouse facility that will grow tomatoes, and cucumbers year-round.

Learn more about the Peach County greenhouse.

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