It started with passion. Dedicated to the craft of finding the perfect premium ingredients to make family gatherings more memorable. Introducing the Craft House Collection by Pure Flavor®; a distinct selection of hand-picked, greenhouse grown vegetables, crafted by generations of skill and flavor to unlock the chef in you.

Crafted by Generations – Grown for the Chef in You

Three bright red mini san marzano style tomatoes on a white background
Mini San Marzano Tomatoes

Crafted by a family with generations of growing know-how, the Pure Flavor® Mini San Marzano is a premium cooking tomato that awakens the senses. Bold, bright, and savory. Take your dish to new heights that highlight the culinary artist in you.

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Three long sweet peppers, colored red, yellow, and orange on a white background.
Aurora Long Sweet Peppers

Discover the refined flavor and rustic heritage infused in each individually crafted Aurora Long Sweet Pepper. A premium cooking pepper for the chef in you.

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Baby Eggplants
Baby Eggplants

Rich and flavorful, Baby Eggplants are a versatile ingredient for your latest culinary creation. Grilled or roasted, discover their delicate and meaty texture to pair with your premium recipes.

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Shishito Peppers
Shishito Peppers

Explore endless culinary possibilities with savory Craft House Shishito Peppers. Grown for the chef in you, their occasional spicy flair will mystify your senses and enhance your appetizers & mains in minutes.

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Premium Product Line

Grown with a passion for premium vegetables, the Pure Flavor® Craft House Collection was created for the chef in you. The exceptional selection of fresh, greenhouse grown veggies allow the flavors to shine in simple yet memorable recipes.

Explore endless culinary possibilities with savory Craft House Shishito Peppers. Grown for the chef in you, their occasional spicy flair will mystify your senses and enhance your appetizers & mains in minutes.

Handcrafted Recipes

Explore the vibrant and flavorful recipes crafted by our chef partners with our premium Mini San Marzano Tomatoes and Long Sweet Peppers. Unique and memorable dishes you can make at home.

Cedar Valley Selections

Chef: Surria Fadel

Inspired by authentic Middle Eastern flavors, Cedar Valley Selections creates products that are both healthy and tasty. They were delighted to have our premium Craft House Collection products chopped into classic Tabouli and Fatoush Salad.

Fattoush Salad

Grand Cantina

Chef: Rosemary Woods & John Alvarez

Each dish is handcrafted, building on flavors that hold true to its origins, while adding new and exciting elements that take things to a new level. The bright colors and textures of the Craft House Collection paired perfectly with these Mexican inspired dishes.

Mahi Mahi Stuffed
Long Sweet Peppers

Smoked Salmon

Higher Culture Café

Chef: D’arcy Phillips

It’s about getting back to the basics and sourcing local premium quality ingredients that speak for themselves. Our Mini San Marzano Tomatoes were the star of the café’s latest creation; Belgian Waffle Bruschetta. A unique twist on a Mediterranean favorite.

Roasted Pepper

Belgian Waffle

The Cheese Bar

Chef: Sarah Barrette

Known for building iconic charcuterie platters with premium local ingredients, it was only natural to experiment with our savory Mini San Marzano Tomatoes and beautifully textured Long Sweet Peppers to delight customers.

Antipasto Kabobs
Board Boats

Chef Next Door

Chef: Trish Gill

Specializing in unique comfort food and always looking to procure local, premium products, Chef Trish Gill created 3 world class recipes that brought the flavors of our Mini San Marzano Tomatoes and Long Sweet Peppers to another level.

Linguine with
Puttanesca Relish

Seared Tuna in
Spanish Escabeche

Smoky Romesco Sauce
over Cauliflower Croquettes

The Grove Brew House

Chef: Brandon Zuech

With an ever-changing menu, The Grove is dedicated to finding perfect premium ingredients that pair with what’s on tap. Our bold, bright Long Sweet Peppers and profoundly sweet Mini San Marzano Tomatoes inspired Chef Brandon to serve up some creative wonders.

Blistered Tomato
Asparagus Tagliatelle

Mini Caprese

Stuffed Pepper