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What exactly does greenhouse grown mean?

Our produce is grown hydroponically in an enclosed facility under controlled conditions. This allows us to cultivate plants in a variety of locations and seasons.

How is it grown hydroponically?

The plants are grown in a soil-less medium, using mineral nutrient solutions to feed the plants. This allows us to grow year-round, regardless of the location.

Do you grow produce year-round?

We do! Because our produce is greenhouse grown, it allows us to grow in all seasons.

What is Non-GMO?

This means non-genetically modified organisms. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are living organisms whose genetic material have been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering.

Pure Flavor® is committed to growing high quality, safe products for the North American food industry. Therefore, our produce is grown the natural way without any additives.

How do you ensure the freshest produce is sold in stores?

We like to say that our plants live in a spa 24 hours a day – continuous pampering and attention results in top quality. We are also strategically located in key regions throughout North America, so we can ensure that we can deliver fresh produce promptly, giving you the tastiest produce.

We are committed to Food Safety in every aspect of our business.

From farm to retail, our traceability program follows international industry standards accepted by Primus GFS & the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). We incorporate a system of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) to achieve these standards.

Does the produce come prewashed?

We provide the cleanest handling and safety methods when delivering the produce to you. We do suggest that you rinse your produce to serve the best experience possible. Rinsing is best done right before eating the vegetable, therefore we leave this step to you!

What does IPM mean?

IPM stands for Integrated Pest Management. Our Integrated Pest Management program allows us to use good bugs, like Ladybugs, to take care of the bad bugs in our greenhouses. With the help of thousands of Bumblebees, all our vegetable plants get pollinated which helps our fruit grow.

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