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Rules & Regulations

Pure Flavor® is dedicated to providing a safe product for consumers. We recognize the responsibility to operate in a way that ensures that our facilities meet the highest standards of quality. We also participate in a yearly audit under the Global Food Safety Initiative. In addition, we have a designated food safety director along with a food safety committee who work together to affirm our commitment to food safety.


CGMP’s are in place to ensure all Pure Flavor® greenhouse-grown vegetables are consistently produced and controlled according to the highest quality standards. It is designed to mitigate risks involved in all process steps.


This system relies on communication between management, sales, and production staff and includes a focus on continuous improvement, facility maintenance and sanitation, employee training and hygiene practices, and extensive checks and controls of the product through the time it spends in our facility.

Consumer | 10 tips for food safety at home

  1. Always wash your hands, counters, and veggies
  2. Don’t use the same utensils for raw meat and veggies
  3. Make sure to wash your dish towels often to avoid contamination​
  4. Always refer to Canada’s food guide for internal temperatures​
  5. Don’t use the same cutting board for raw meat and veggies​
  6. Don’t use the same plate for raw meat and veggies​
  7. Store your food in shallow containers to cool them quickly​
  8. Refrigerator temperature should be set to 4°C (40°F) Freezer temperature should be set to -18°C (0°F)​
  9. Don’t pack your fridge full of food, the cold air needs to circulate to keep food safe​
  10. Keep meats at the bottom of the fridge to avoid juices dripping on other foods


Label Traceability | Sticker PLU

Pure Flavor® believes traceability is a big part of supply chain management and compliance with the Safe Food for Canadians Act. The ability to know exactly where our products came from, where they have been, and where they are going is key to a successful traceability program.

2lb clear bag of Pure Flavor Georgia Grown Mini Cucumbers

Georgia, here we come!

Known worldwide for peaches and pecans, Peach County can now add Georgia grown Tomatoes & Cucumbers to their impressive list of hometown favorites. Consistent quality & flavor, locally grown for you from a brand you can call your own.

Learn more about Georgia

Georgia Grown Pure Flavor Tomatoes On-the-Vine with Vine tag and PLU Stickers
Georgia Grown Mini Cucumbers in a clear 2lb bag and Georgia Grown Tomatoes On-the-Vine with vine tag