Delicately sweet no matter the time of year, Sweet Blooms® are sustainably grown in glass greenhouses to ensure consistency in berry quality & flavor. Bite-sized, juicy, and hand-picked in small batches, they are berriously delicious®.

From snacks to salads, parfaits and family focused desserts, our berries are berriously delicious®.

How healthy are Sweet Blooms® Strawberries?

Health Benefits

Greenhouse Grown fruits & vegetables are full of important vitamins & health benefits like:

Vitamin C

Improves sleep, decreases your risk of Type 2 diabetes and contributes to countless other health benefits!

Blood Pressure

Strawberries help to regulate and may even lower high blood pressure.


Packed with antioxidant properties to help with vision and healthy skin.

Nutritional Facts

60 Calories
0mg Cholesterol
0mg Sodium
1g Fiber
11g Sugar
2g Protein
20mg Calcium
0.4mg of Iron. 2 percent daily value
340mg of Potassium. 8 percent daily value

Goes Well With

Well, pretty much everything! But we have a few favorite pairings that you could try experimenting with:

Herbs & Spices

  • • Oregano
  • • Rosemary
  • • Basil
  • • Cardamom
  • • Cinnamon

Meats & Cheeses

  • • Pork
  • • Chicken
  • • Goat Cheese
  • • Ricotta Cheese
  • • Cream Cheese

Fruits & Veggies

  • • Cucumbers
  • • Avocado
  • • Lemons
  • • Blueberries
  • • Spinach

Pasta, Rice & Grains

  • • Oats
  • • Pumpkin Seeds
  • • Rice
  • • Vienna Bread
  • • Baguette

Next-Generation Vegetable Growing

From seed to harvest, we control everything from temperature and humidity to the nutritional profile of our plants. Our full line of greenhouse vegetables is grown with the same sustainable methods, ensuring safe, healthy and virtually organic product.


There's a world of flavor for you to discover. Find your next favorite snack or ingredient by exploring more products below.