1 Dry Pint of Organic Juno Bites in Top Seal clear packaging

Organic Juno Bites – Red Grape Tomatoes

Reconnect with all that is natural and all that is pure, and you will find our Organic Juno Bites. Grape tomatoes that fit in the palm of your child’s hand. Packed with sweet flavors and robust nutrients, it’s the organic snack that has changed everything.

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Potassium has a broad range of health benefits to many tissues including the heart, kidneys, and bones.

Vitamin A plays a vital role in the health of your immune system which makes it essential for fighting a variety of diseases and other illnesses.

Lycopene can help prevent the aging of the skin, and protects against sunburn

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Juno Bites - Red Grape Tomatoes

The. Healthy. Snack. Option. Period. Juicy. Loaded with vitamins and nutrient-rich, Pure Flavor® Juno Bites are a crowd pleaser, to say the least. Once you pop in our red grape tomato, you’ll never go back to boring snacks again. Salads love a little Juno action too. But eating with your hands is also highly recommended.

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