Organic Tomatoes On-the-Vine

As they mature on the vine, these tomatoes naturally gain extra nutrients and rich flavor. Try them roasted in a gyro or sliced fresh for a simple side. Organic Tomatoes On-The-Vine are a natural delight.

Flavor Meter

This product has a slight perceived sweetness.


High in iron which promotes good circulation and oxygen distribution to keep your body functioning at peak performance!

Cholesterol free keeps your arteries free of buildup, reducing the chance of blood clots, stroke, and heart attack.

A good source of potassium - which can really get on your nerves and ensure that they are all functioning as they should.

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Tomatoes On-the-Vine

Climbing skyward nearly 20 feet (And we aren’t talking about your weekly rock climbing session) is our award-winning tomato on the vine. A signature item at Pure Flavor®. Perfect for an energizing wrap or breakfast omelet. Classic Pure Flavor®.

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