Introducing RedRoyals®, Majestically Sweet Cherry Tomatoes On The Vine. A burst of sweet & unmistakable flavor that creates an incredible experience like no other.

Not Your Average Tomato.

Bursting with rich, majestically sweet flavor, RedRoyals® are a worthy complement to every eating occasion from a bite sized snack to a garnish with your favorite meal.

RedRoyals sweet cherry tomatoes-on-the vine
Our tomatoes are greenhouse grown.

Grown to

Flavor rich with a vibrant sweet crunch, these royal wonders are the perfect accent to any eating occasion. Hand picked with utmost care, their majestic sweet flavor is nurtured on the vine by our family of growers who carefully select the perfect tomatoes for your delight. As the king of the tomato crop, RedRoyals® deserve a crown.

40% of customers rate the flavor of the tomatoes as a 4 out of 5, and another 35% rated the flavor a 5 out of 5.

Expect Nothing But The Best.

A tomato is not just a tomato, it’s an experience. Not always meant for a soup, a sauce, or even a salad, it is pretty safe to say that not all tomatoes are created equal, regardless of color & size. With literally dozens of types and varieties to choose from, we conducted a survey to gain valuable knowledge about how great these RedRoyals® Red Cherry Tomatoes really are. The results are impressive.

*Source: Pure Flavor®’s Cherry Tomatoes on The Vine Questionnaire Results, summer 2019

Cook It like You Grew It.

Here are quick recipe ideas fit for a King. Literally.