Single Organic Long English Cucumbers with PLU sticker

Organic Long English Cucumbers

The Organic Long English Cucumber is the pinnacle of pure. Naturally seedless, they are a key feature of any veggie platter or in a garden salad. Blended, they are a refreshing addition to your smoothie or cocktail.

Flavor Meter

This product is somewhat crisp.


The extremely high-water content of a cucumber is a great way to keep hydrated but with a little more crunch than your standard glass of water.

Good source of iron which is important in maintaining a healthy count of red blood cells.

Source of fiber which can assist in maintaining a healthy weight over time.

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Long English Cucumbers

Refreshing. Bold. Extra-long, and seedless! The Captain of the cucumber team. We pride ourselves in living a healthy active lifestyle and it all starts with our Pure Flavor® Long English cucumber. Perfect for your post-workout snack or blended in a refreshing beverage. Live Deliciously™.

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