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We packed Mini Munchies® with everything kids love: super sweet flavor and a bright rainbow of colors! The perfect grab-and-go healthy snack is here to pack for school, take on family walks, enjoy at home, and so much more.

Healthy, active families need fresh snacks to take along on all of life’s adventures! Mini Munchies® come in convenient travel packs to make life simple for busy parents who know eating fresh veggies is a tasty way for kids to grow up big and strong.

For a pop of juicy flavor and a burst of candy-like sweetness, Juno is your tomato! Packed with Vitamin C, lycopene and other and antioxidants, these tiny red tomatoes are sweet, healthy treats that will give your kids a natural burst of energy to keep them going and going at recess.

See what all the buzz is about when you try a bright and tangy Bumble. Less acidic than other tomatoes, these yellow tomatoes have a mild, sweet flavor young kids love! Bumbles Yellow Grape Tomatoes are a good source of iron, zinc, potassium, and important vitamins – all of which helps support a healthy immune system!

Energize on the go with a sunny ray of flavor from Oriana! These bite-sized orange tomatoes have a crisp, fresh taste and vibrant color that brightens up every lunch box. Each Oriana is a light, low-calorie snack bursting with all the sweetness kids love with no added sugar.

You’ll never meet anyone sweeter than Aurora!

For a refreshing snack, look no further than juicy Mini Sweet Peppers. These immune-boosting veggies are rich in Vitamins C and A, plus a wide variety of B Vitamins that help kids naturally produce energy to keep them focussed in school or at home doing homework!

Meet Poco, the bite-sized cucumber that fuels adventure anytime, anywhere!

Each bite of these snacking cucumbers provides a boost of hydration keeps need to play all day long and replenish after fun activities.

The Ready, Set, Go Snack!

Parents love it when their kids pick out fresh Mini Munchies® to take to school. These kid-sized veggies come pre-packed for the Ready, Set, Go lifestyle busy families experience every day. Erin Kane, a teacher and mom of four kids, knows how important it is to have fresh, healthy options ready all the time. Watch this video to learn why Erin chooses Mini Munchies® for her family.

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Healthy Kids Are Fuelled By Mini Munchies®!

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Get your kids excited about veggies! Our resources are a fun way to start a conversation with your kids about the importance of eating healthy. From coloring sheets to veggie facts and educational resources that can be used in the classroom, we have all the fun activities you need to turn a rainy day or long drive into an engaging learning experience full of fun.

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These convenient, snack-sized, single-serving veggies are available in breakaway cups or resealable bags. They’re grown in a controlled greenhouse environment, which means your kids can enjoy their favorite flavors 365 days a year!

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Mini Munchies®
Snack Pack

Our best snacking tomatoes all conveniently packaged together in single serve containers with an easy peel,resealable top that lets kids save their healthy snack for later.

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Mini Munchies®
Snack Sized

All the fresh snacking veggies you love in one convenient pack, ready to take on every adventure to school, soccer practice, and beyond!