Single Organic Red Bell Pepper with PLU sticker

Organic Sweet Bell Peppers

With colors that complement those of the outdoors and an organic sweet taste to follow, it’s hard not to fall in love with our Organic Bell Peppers. Explore the freshness from within and let your taste buds run wild with these vitamin-packed delights.

Flavor Meter

This product has a slight perceived sweetness.


Healthy source of vitamin K which helps build bone density and reduce the risk of fractures.

Includes a portion of your daily fiber, which helps maintain a healthy weight and lowers your risk for diabetes and heart disease.

High in iron which promotes good circulation and oxygen distribution to keep your body functioning at peak performance!

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Sweet Bell Peppers

Living a balanced lifestyle means making informed decisions. When it comes to the Pure Flavor® Bell Pepper, choose between 3 radiant colors, each with their own flavor profile. Christopher Columbus discovered this vitamin-rich fruit while exploring the world.

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