Single Long English Cucumbers in clear wrap with PLU sticker

Long English Cucumbers

Mild, but not meek, our seedless Long English Cucumbers add crisp, fresh flavor to your day. Slice them up as a light sandwich topping, or dice in a classic Mediterranean salad. Not only do they taste great - they hydrate to keep you feeling great all day.

Flavor Meter

This product is somewhat crisp.


The extremely high-water content of a cucumber is a great way to keep hydrated but with a little more crunch than your standard glass of water.

Good source of iron which is important in maintaining a healthy count of red blood cells.

Source of fiber which can assist in maintaining a healthy weight over time.

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Organic Long English Cucumbers

Reinvigorate after your workday and replenish your energy. Enjoy the fresh hydration of Organic Long English Cucumbers in a snack, wrap, or app!