1 Clear Dry Pint of Oriana Orange Grape Tomatoes

Oriana Orange Grape Tomatoes

At Pure Flavor®, healthy snacks = Healthy minds. The Oriana Orange Grape Tomato is a next level snack infused with sweetness. A recess treat or play date sweet (hey that rhymes) kids will love the flavor and brain benefits these orb shaped, palette pleasers provide. (Alliteration!) Let’s teach our friends that not all tomatoes are red :)

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Vitamin A plays a vital role in the health of your immune system which makes it essential for fighting a variety of diseases and other illnesses.

Good source of iron which is important in maintaining a healthy count of red blood cells.

Low in calories and no cholesterol, which improves sleep, decreases your risk of Type 2 diabetes and contributes to countless other health benefits!

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