1lb Transparent bag containing Mini Cucumbers

Mini Cucumbers

Going on an adventure? Whether you're hiking in the woods or rushing to soccer practice, make sure to bring along some Mini Cucumbers. Not only are they super tasty and extra crunchy, they also provide a boost of hydration! Quick & crunchy snacks are a hit with everyone!

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This product is crisp


Sodium and fat-free to help prevent weight gain, as well as reduce the chances of heart disease.

High in iron which promotes good circulation and oxygen distribution to keep your body functioning at peak performance!

Cholesterol free keeps your arteries free of buildup, reducing the chance of blood clots, stroke, and heart attack.

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Organic Mini Cucumbers

Refresh the whole family with a cool, crisp taste everyone will love. Out the door and on the road, they're a quick & healthy snack when on the go.

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