A versatile mixture of sweet & vibrant bite-sized tomatoes with a satisfying juicy crunch. The ideal snacking companion for a healthy, on-the-go burst of energy or a flavorful addition to a salad.

The perfect variety of colorful snacking tomatoes, all deliciously sweet and snackable.

How healthy are 3 Sweet Snacking Tomatoes?

Health Benefits

Greenhouse Grown vegetables are full of important vitamins and nutrients like:


Useful in reducing insomnia symptoms and improving the sleeping habits of people by regulating their circadian rhythms. 

Vitamin C

Can help improve the absorption of dietary iron.


Helps your immune system and metabolism function.

Nutritional Facts

50 Calories
0 Cholesterol
0 Sodium
1 gram of fiber
7 grams of sugar
1 gram of Protein
20 milligrams calcium
2.1 milligrams of iron. 10 percent daily value
410 milligram of potassium. 8 percent daily value

Next-Generation Vegetable Growing

From seed to harvest, we control everything from temperature and humidity to the nutritional profile of our plants. Our full line of greenhouse vegetables is grown with the same sustainable methods, ensuring safe, healthy and virtually organic product.


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