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Introducing Craft House Collection® Shishito Peppers


Craft House Shishito Peppers. 1 in 10 have heat.

Experience the trendy new arrival in our Craft House Collection®. In an elaborate main or quick and simple app, their incredible flavor and elusive spark of heat will inspire you with endless possibilities.


You’ve never tasted a pepper like this before. Its unique and savory flavor with a hint of citrus will captivate your taste buds. Craft House Collection® Shishito Peppers will add a mystifying zest to any meal.


Grilled, sautéed or baked, the possibilities are endless with this unique and trendy pepper. You’ll find that Shishito Peppers will feel right at home in a Tex-Mex Taco, Japanese Tempura, or Southwest Chicken Wrap.

To Make.

Not every recipe you make has to be extravagant, but it always has to be delicious. For a simple side-dish, toss Shishito Peppers in a hot skillet with olive oil and salt for five minutes. Voila, it’s time to eat!

1 in 10
Have Heat.

Some Shishito Peppers aren’t afraid to bring the heat! In fact, 1 in 10 can be spicier than the others. It may not be enough heat to have you diving into the swimming pool for a gulp of water, but it will catch you by surprise!



A combination of the Japanese words shishi, meaning lion, and tōgarashi, the word for chili peppers, is the perfect name for a pepper that is normally mild mannered but can sometimes roar like a mighty lion.

Goes Well With

Well, pretty much everything! But we have a few favorite pairings that you could try experimenting with:

Herbs & Spices

  • • Garlic
  • • Thyme
  • • Chipotle
  • • Cumin
  • • Cilantro


  • • Pork
  • • Crab
  • • Beef
  • • Shrimp
  • • Chicken

Fruits & Veggies

  • • Sweet Potatoes
  • • Lemon
  • • Red Onion
  • • Avocados
  • • Tomatoes


  • • Cream Cheese
  • • Monterey Jack Cheese
  • • Parmesean
  • • Cheddar
  • • Havarti


Shishito Peppers are unlike any other gourmet ingredient in the produce aisle: 1 in 10 have an enticing, lively warmth that gently commands your attention. While they are typically 50-200 Scovilles, they can jump up to the heat of a mild Jalepeño at 2,500 Scovilles. It’s the perfect pepper for those who seek adventure without too much heat.

1 in 10 have heat.

Explore and Experiment

Recipes for the Chef in You

We’ve collected our favorite chef-inspired recipes to help inspire the Chef in You for the exciting journey ahead. With so many options to explore, feel free to get creative and make these recipes your own!

Discover Endless Possibilities.

There are endless ways to make dinner time exciting by discovering new flavors every day. What you need is a simple, gourmet ingredient that compliments every app or main on your ever-changing menu. Shishito Peppers are here to make old recipes new again – to dazzle everyone in your family every night.

Look For Shishitos
Near You

You can find Craft House Collection® Shishito Peppers in 8oz and 1lb bags as well as a 14 oz BBQ & Oven Grill pack so you’ll always have the right amount to suit your appetite and cooking occasion.

Grill, Bake, Stuff, Sautee ,Your Creations. Craft House Collection®

The Craft House Collection® is built on the idea that the right premium, hand-picked ingredients can help the Chef in You explore new and unique flavors that will captivate your family. With their incredible flavor, elusive bite, and amazing versatility, Shishito Peppers will elevate your family’s homecooked recipe staples and inspire you to create new favorites.

“I love Shishito Peppers. There’s nothing out there similar to them. They are really easy to incorporate in your home. If you’re grilling steak or chicken on the barbeque, you can cook them in three minutes and it’s ready to serve.”

Rosemary Woods, The Grand Cantina