Oronai™ Sweet Charentais Melons

Prized for its sweet, succulent taste, the intensely fragrant Oronai™ Charentais Melon is personal in size with an orange flesh as vibrant as the summer sun.

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Alonna™ Canary Melons

A melon for every meal, the exotic flavors of Alonna™ Canary Melons meld effortlessly with fine cheeses, cured meats, mixed berries and honey. With its lunar-like glow & silky texture, the quality & consistency of availability of a greenhouse grown Alonna™ Melon ensures consumers have a flavorful & continuous supply regardless of the season.

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Solara® Mini Melons

Mildly cool, sweet, and juicy, Solara™ Mini Melons are the first personal sized, sustainably grown melons from greenhouses that use just the right amount of light, nutrition, and water to deliver the same sweet tastefully tropical™ flavor, regardless of the season.

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