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Join us in Miami Beach, FL for the 2020 Global Organic Produce Expo at the Fontainebleau Luxury Hotel January 9th-11th.

Our team will be on site throughout the event promoting our organic greenhouse vegetable programs that are available year-round. Pure Flavor® is proud to be a Diamond Sponsor of GOPEX and look forward to seeing our retail & foodservice partners in Florida!

Our Organic Products

Organic Tomatoes

Organic Juno Bites
Red Grape Tomatoes

For kids that are bursting with energy, here’s the organic, bite-sized
tomato that’s bursting with pure, juicy flavor! Our Organic
Juno Bites are delicious snacks that feel good to eat!

Organic Sangria®
Tomato Medley

With every color and shape, naturally brilliant flavor shines through.
Mix things up at lunch and enjoy this organic medley as a fresh snack.

Organic Tomatoes

Treasure the distinct, ripened-on-the-vine aroma and flavor. Share the
freshness with friends on a vegetarian pizza or caprese salad.

Organic Beefsteak

Follow your roots and you will find timeless flavor that complements
any salad or sandwich. Naturally bold and bursting with flavor, it will make
a difference at every meal.

Organic Heirloom

Treat yourself to new experiences with every bite of our Organic Heirloom
Tomatoes. Explore the limits of your culinary creativity and reap the
delicious rewards in a colorful salad or roasted app.

Organic Cucumbers

Organic Long English Cucumbers

Reinvigorate after your workday and replenish your energy. Enjoy the
fresh hydration of Organic Long English Cucumbers in a snack, wrap, or app!

Organic Mini Cucumbers

Refresh the whole family with a cool, crisp taste everyone will love.
Out the door and on the road, they’re a quick & healthy snack when on the go.

Organic Peppers

Organic Bell Peppers

Warm, rich colors complemented by natural sweetness. In a salad or
stir fry, Sweet Bell Peppers always satisfy with a crisp crunch!

Organic Aurora Bites
Mini Sweet Peppers

Add a little extra crunch to your kids’ lunch! These colorful, healthy
treats will tantalize their taste buds and give them a natural boost of
energy at school (or at home!).

The Pure Flavor 2020 Organics Brochure

The Pure Flavor® Organics Program

Explore the flavors of the Pure Flavor® Organics program. Highlighted in a convenient summary by product type & pack format, our family of growers throughout North America provide a consistent supply regardless of the season.

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We are continually looking at evolving consumer tastes and trends, and trial new varieties of fresh produce every year, employing a proprietary 5-step product development process to identify products that will satisfy consumer demands. We identify categories that are attracting increased consumer purchases, and grow products that address these changing preferences.

Meet Our Team

With decades upon decades of experience in the produce industry, our Sales Team wants to expand your category offering and help drive growth in your produce aisles & foodservice customer accounts. As a vertically integrated greenhouse vegetable company with a vast family of growers throughout North America, we ship our greenhouse grown vegetables year-round. From staple commodities to specialty items like our award-winning Snacking Tomato Series to a wide variety of USDA Organic Certified Vegetables, we have the ability to custom create formats that help grow your business.


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