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We are the next generation of fruit & vegetable growers, inspired to put quality, flavor, and customers first by providing greenhouse grown fruit & vegetables from our farms that are strategically located throughout North America.


Hello Sunny Florida!

Join us January 22nd to 24th in sunny Florida for the 2024 Global Organic Produce Expo (GOPEX)! As a yearly Diamond Sponsor of the event, we are pleased to support initiatives that help bring key organic players together to strategically grow the industry.

Our team will be on site throughout the event promoting our diverse organic greenhouse vegetable programs, please feel free to stop by our booth to connect! As a vertically integrated grower, we can create & customize any type of program to meet your needs, regardless of the season. Stop by Booth 312 to learn more!


When it comes to making your organic choice, select products from growers you trust. Pure Flavor® Certified Organic greenhouse grown vegetables meet the strict USDA guidelines, ensuring what you buy is truly organic.

Explore Organics

The Pure Flavor® Organics Program

Explore the flavors of the Pure Flavor® Organics program. Highlighted in a convenient summary by product type & pack format, our family of growers throughout North America provide a consistent supply regardless of the season.

Explore Organics


Pure Flavor® Organic Vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that you need to lead the happy, healthy life you want. We polled hundreds of people across the United States to find out why they eat organic greenhouse grown produce.


buy organic produce every month


say buying organic shows they take care of their body


agree that eating organic produce is a healthy lifestyle choice


enjoy snacking on organic produce every month

Growing Great Flavor

Discover our full line of USDA certified organic tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, grown year-round.

Growing Fresh Flavors

We search the world testing hundreds of vegetable varieties to bring you the perfect flavors for every taste, preference and recipe.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

We use good bugs like Ladybugs to take care of the bad bugs in our greenhouses. This method eliminates spraying so you can enjoy produce the way it should be, all natural!

Sustainable Growing Practices

High-tech greenhouse climate control systems carefully regulate energy consumption to ensure plants are thriving in an optimal environment without energy waste.

Closed Loop Irrigation System

This system avoids waste by capturing any water the plant does not consume and reusing it to replace what is lost from evaporation.

Recycled Growing Medium

Our plants are grown in coconut fibre and other recycled mediums. Selecting the right growing medium is critical to overall plant health and strength but also to sustainability.

Packing Automation

Our investment in packing automation allows us to efficiently supply millions of Tomatoes and Cucumbers to the southeast year-round!

Supplemental Lighting

With the use of supplemental lighting we can grow year-round by providing the plants with the optimal amount of light.

Misting System

We maintain favorable and consistent growing conditions through misting systems that keep humidity levels above 30% to encourage continuous plant growth.

Energy Screens

Regulating sunlight entering the greenhouse and insulating with energy screens allows us to maintain a stable climate in the greenhouse.

Meet  Our Team

Stop by Booth 312 to meet our team! Our team will be on site throughout the show to talk about our complete organics program and how we can work with you to grow your business. With a consistent year-round supply, we are able to create category management programs for both retail & foodservice. Feel free to call or email in advance to set up a meeting time.


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Welcome to beautiful and sunny Miami, Florida, a city where every day is a beach day and the party doesn’t stop until sunrise. During your stay, make sure to set aside time to take in the seaside vistas all the way from West Palm Beach to Miami Beach and enjoy all the sights and sounds along the way. With its eclectic mix of Latin American culture and cuisine, vibrant nightlife scene, endless entertainment, and sightseeing attractions, Miami has something fun for everyone to enjoy.