Two bulk Pure Flavor Long English cucumbers

Long English Cucumbers

Refreshing. Bold. Extra-long, and seedless! The Captain of the cucumber team. We pride ourselves on living a healthy active lifestyle and it all starts with our Pure Flavor® Long English cucumber. Perfect for your post-workout snack or blended in a refreshing beverage. Live Deliciously®.

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Three Pure Flavor Mini Cucumbers

Mini Cucumbers

Going for a hike requires 3 things. A great pair of shoes, a backpack, and our Mini Cucumbers. These cool, fresh snacks are loaded with nutrients that will help hydrate you to the final summit. Their edible skin makes this a litterless snack for sure!

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Three bulk Pure Flavor Poco Bites Cucumbers

Poco Bites® Cocktail Cucumbers

Word around the splash pad (or golf course) is that this bite-sized crunchy Cocktail Cucumber is the snack to beat. Crisp and packed with energy, these refreshing morsels will hydrate and keep you playing all day long.

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Pure Recipes

Check out the fresh recipes we have cooking up in the Pure Kitchen, you have our word – they are Pure approved!

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