Sweet Bell Peppers

Living a balanced lifestyle means making informed decisions. When it comes to the Pure Flavor® Bell Pepper, choose between 3 radiant colors, each with their own flavor profile. Christopher Columbus discovered this vitamin-rich fruit while exploring the world.

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Bulk Pure Flavor Aurora Bites, Red, yellow and orange

Aurora Bites – Mini Sweet Peppers

Popping peppers at a picnic. The minivan companion. These bite-size mini peppers look fiery but are actually super sweet. Chopped for salads or snacks. More vitamin C than a citrus fruit. Parents love them. Kids crave them. Welcome to pure living!

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Aurora Sweets – Long Sweet Peppers

Backyard BBQ’s + summertime hangouts = Aurora Sweets. These multi-colored Sweet Long Peppers will take the culinary artist in you to new heights. Stuff it. Grill it. Slice it. Dip it. Long live the grill master!

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Pure Recipes

Check out the fresh recipes we have cooking up in the Pure Kitchen, you have our word – they are Pure approved!

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