We all enjoy different foods, we all have different eating habits, and many of us have additional dietary requirements. The fact that we all have varying tastes and peferences is something that has helped grow the global health and wellness food industry into a market that is worth an estimated $122.9 billion according to Research and Markets ($95.56billion US). There is a thriving interest in health and well-being, and much of that is derived from what we consume. Individuals and families live busy lifestyles and often turn to what is convenient even if that means sacrificing nutritional value for ease.

Much of the joy we get from the foods we eat is centered in their taste and smell.  And even though these senses can’t be stimulated digitally, it doesn’t deter technology developers from trying to capitalize on our love of food in order grab our attention. Video game developers have been known to use food as a vehicle for good in games like Super Mario, where the lovable character doubles in size after eating the bright red mushroom. You can also find plenty of food imagery among the games from Gala Casino, including Fruit Blaster and Sweet Chilli Electric Cash. In those instances, the food isn’t used to accentuate a plot but rather to illustrate a particular theme. Another tremendous example of that is Fruit Ninja, which gamers loved, and it was amongst the pioneering titles of the 2010s. Arguably, you could say that through their vivid imagery, video games are almost able to give us a sense of taste and smell, without actually offering any of the benefits.

In addition to gaming, there are also numerous mobile apps that help people make better food choices and provide healthy eating options.  People are searching for convenience and ease when it comes to choosing foods and tracking what items they are serving themselves and their families.  Let’s look beyond those gaming distractions and focus on some of the best downloads to assist you positively so you can select the best and healthiest options in nutritional nourishment, health advice, and more.

Nutrition Facts

This free app is the perfect partner for the person who wants further detail about the vitamins and minerals in fruits, vegetables, and more. With over 8,700 food items listed, sorted into appropriate categories, it’s an easy-to-use quick reference guide that can help you ensure what you’re eating is healthy for you and help determine if it will help you reach your health goals.

Protein Tracker

This Android-based app helps you set specific goals and track your protein consumption, one of the core nutrients the body uses.  This is especially handy if you’re someone who likes to build muscle. Aside from helping you hit your targets, the app has alerts and reminders to ensure you don’t slip from your goal.  You can measure your protein intake over time, and it will help you forecast if you’re likely to hit that target.


This app which is backed by the experts at Under Armour, is an app that has so many applications, including everything from a food database that allows you to count your calorie intake, as well as a restaurant logger.  You can even import your own healthy recipes on there. No matter if you’re monitoring your nutrition to lose weight, build muscle, break bad habits or simply track your food intake, it’s a perfect solution for both Android and iOS users.

Nutrients – Nutrition Facts

This app for iOS users, formerly known as Foodle, is a terrific app that offers a comprehensive list of nutritional information no matter what food you want to look up. It has tens of thousands of foods listed and you can also add in your recipes, so that you get a breakdown of those too. There’s a meal tracker, which supplies a complete rundown of your daily nutrition as well, so you can plan accordingly for the days ahead.

In addition to simply tracking the items that you are consuming, it is important to make sure that you include a variety of fresh vegetables in your daily diet.  Often we turn towards items that are convenient when it comes to quick snacking, and those foods can deter our health goals as they are often prepackaged and processed items. 


One of the easiest, and quite delicious ways to snack is simply to incorporate more snacking items in to your diet.  Fresh vegetables like Pure Flavor® Juno Bites Red Grape Tomatoes are full of essential nutrients and vitamins to keep your body fueled and help keep your immune system healthy.  They are easily portable and can be enjoyed by the handful – proving that snacking healthy can be easy and good for you.   Water is crutial to your body’s proper functioning and  Pure Flavor® Uno Bites Nano Cucumbers help you to  hydrate by the handful with the one-bite snack that is unlike any other! Every crisp, crunchy cucumber is packed with flavor and pair great with healthy dips like Roasted Pepper Hummus or Organic Tomato Basil Hummus.  Hummus is easy to make for yourself and is full of protein to help keep you satisfied and full of energy. 

Pure Flavor® snacking items are great served on their own or used in recipes that are healthy and easy to create.  Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers are loved by kids and parents alike! They can be sliced or diced to be used in recipes but often they are enjoyed by the handful – straight out of the bag! This is perfect for busy lifestyles and can easily be packed into a lunch box or gym bag.  And if convenience is key to your busy schedule, the Mini Munchies® grab-and-go healthy snack is the perfect option to pack for school, take on family walks, or enjoy at home. They have everything kids love: super sweet flavor and a bright rainbow of colors!

The full Pure Flavor® snacking line-up is the perfect way to eat healthy in between meals and being greenhouse grown, it means that these delicious snack items are available year-round!

We hope you liked our rundown of some of the best apps around and ideas for easy, healthy snack options to help with your nutritional choices. By having convenient items available and an app at your fingertips to track your intake, these are great ways to achieve your health goals.  Maybe you could choose one of these applications to look into The Amazing Health Benefits of Soup; we think you’ll agree it’s also a great way to warm up this winter.