Southern Exposure 2019 Logo - Produce like it's 1999, Celebrating 20 years.

Join us Saturday, March 9th for the 2019 Southern Exposure Trade Show at the Swan & Dolphin Resort at Disney World in Orlando, FL!

Our team will be on site throughout the event promoting our greenhouse vegetable programs as well as launching new items that will help grow the fresh produce industry.

Introducing New Georgia Grown Products

Georgia Grown

Climbing skyward nearly 20 feet (And we aren’t talking about your weekly rock climbing session) is our award-winning tomato on the vine. A signature item at Pure Flavor®. Perfect for an energizing wrap or breakfast omelet. Classic Pure Flavor®.

1 lb | 2 lb | 3 lb | 4 lb | Bulk

Georgia Grown
Luna Sweets Cocktail Tomatoes

Like the name suggests, these ruby red cocktail tomatoes will Illuminate your sense of sweetness. They are so tasty you’ll drop the BL in BLT. BTW Luna’s are packed with so many antioxidants they should probably have their own emoji.

12 oz | 14 oz | 1 lb | 2 lb

Georgia Grown
Long English Cucumbers

Refreshing. Bold. Extra-long, and seedless! The Captain of the cucumber team. We pride ourselves on living a healthy active lifestyle and it all starts with our Pure Flavor® Long English cucumber. Perfect for your post-workout snack or blended in a refreshing beverage. Live Deliciously®.

1 count | 2 count | 3 count

Georgia Grown
Mini Cucumbers

Going for a hike requires 3 things. A great pair of shoes, a backpack, and our Mini Cucumbers. These cool, fresh snacks are loaded with nutrients that will help hydrate you to the final summit. Their edible skin makes this a litter-less snack for sure!

14 oz | 4 count | 6 count | 1 lb | 2 lb

Proud To Be Georgia Grown

The Georgia Grown initiative is a promotional program spearheaded by the Georgia Department of Agriculture to promote items grown in the state of Georgia. The #1 goal of the program is to aid agricultural economies by bringing together producers, processors, suppliers, distributors, retailers, agri-tourism, and consumers in powerful, statewide community.

The Pure Flavor 2019 Brand Storybook

Our 2019 Storybook

Take a flip through our storybook to learn more about our company and how our greenhouse grown veggies come to life. Like the colors of a rainbow, the flavors are endless and so are the opportunities to increase fresh consumption across North America.

Learn More about our company. Download Accessible PDF

Meet Our Team

With decades upon decades of experience in the produce industry, our Sales Team wants to expand your category offering and help drive growth in your produce aisles & foodservice customer accounts. As a vertically integrated greenhouse vegetable company with a vast family of growers throughout North America, we ship our greenhouse grown vegetables year-round. From staple commodities to specialty items like our award-winning Snacking Tomato Series to a wide variety of USDA Organic Certified Vegetables, we have the ability to custom create formats that help grow your business.


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Featured Items

Pure Flavor® has gone through a brand refresh not only with our packaging but also with our core product positions.

With brand-centric messaging and core commodities now presented as families of items, Pure Flavor® can deliver complete category management solutions that your customers will love and engage with.

Video Content That Connects!

Pure Flavor® creates engaging video content to help promote all of its products and community activities.

From Chef To Innkeeper

Mini Cucumbers

Sweet Bell Peppers

A World Of Flavors

Going Beyond The Package

Heirloom Tomatoes

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