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Join us Saturday, February 29th for the 2020 Southern Exposure Trade Show at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, FL!

Our team will be on site throughout the event promoting our greenhouse vegetable programs as well as launching new items that will help grow the fresh produce industry.

Georgia Grown Products

Georgia Grown

Our Award-Winning Tomatoes On-The Vine infuse each meal
with an unmistakably fresh flavor. Gentle fragrance mingles
with juicy sweetness to create a perfectly balanced experience. Create a
quick and colorful appetizer by roasting them in the oven with
fresh herbs, or add a vibrant, vine-ripened character to your homemade linguine.

1 lb | 2 lb | 3 lb | 4 lb | Bulk

Georgia Grown
RedRoyals Tomatoes-on-the-Vine

Flavor rich with a vibrant sweet crunch, these royal wonders are the
perfect accent to any eating occasion. Hand picked with utmost care, their
majestically sweet flavor is nurtured on the vine by our family of growers
who carefully select the perfect tomatoes for your delight. As the
king of the tomato crop, RedRoyals™ deserve a crown.

12 oz | 1.5 lb

Georgia Grown
Luna Sweets Cocktail Tomatoes

Prepare a tasty appetizer for your next get together that will leave
guests lingering and longing for more. With delicate, fruity taste
and a meaty texture, Luna Sweets are your loyal culinary companion.
Stuff them with cheese or simply bake them with fresh herbs and
spices, their versatility is second to none.

14 oz | 1 lb | 2 lb

Georgia Grown
Juno Bites Tomatoes

Grab a handful to experience a new kind of health snack. These small
bursts of candy-like sweetness are the natural boost your family needs
throughout the day. As a lunchtime pick-me-up or after school snack,
Juno Bites offer a pop of juicy flavor that can’t be beat.

Dry Pint | 2 lb

Georgia Grown
Long English Cucumbers

Mild, but not meek, our seedless Long English Cucumbers add crisp,
fresh flavor to your day. Slice them up as a light sandwich topping, or
dice in a classic Mediterranean salad. Not only do they taste great –
they hydrate to keep you feeling great all day.

Single | 3 Count

Proud To Be Georgia Grown

The Georgia Grown initiative is a promotional program spearheaded by the
Georgia Department of Agriculture to promote items grown in the state of Georgia.
The #1 goal of the program is to aid agricultural economies by bringing together
producers, processors, suppliers, distributors, retailers, agri-tourism, and consumers in
powerful, statewide community.

Our Craft House Products

Craft House Collection
Shishito Peppers

Grown for the chef in you, Craft House Shishito Peppers are savory and
delicious, but 1 in 10 will mystify you with an elusive spark of lively heat.
Their enticing flavor and captivating bite dazzle in any dish, proving just
how quick and easy gourmet can be. Grilled, sautéed, stuffed or baked,
the possibilities are endless with this unique and trendy pepper.

Craft House Collection
Aurora Long Sweet Peppers

Vibrant colors, unique textures, and a crunch that will elevate your gathering
to fresh new heights. Crafted with care, let the sweet artistry of the
Aurora Long Sweet Peppers take you back to a simpler time. Crispy yet sweet,
these elongated peppers can be grilled, stuffed, diced, served raw or roasted.
No matter the use or application, they are a flavor to discover.

Craft House Collection
Mini San Marzano Tomatoes

Perfecting your craft takes passion, experience, and dedication. When it
comes to growing a premium tomato, the Pure Flavor® family of growers
have spent generations creating a bold, bright and savory tomato. The
Mini San Marzano Tomato has become a trade secret in professional
and household kitchens alike. Multifaceted and rich in both heritage and
flavor, the Mini San Marzano will elevate any dish to the next level.

Craft House Collection
Baby Eggplants

All great recipes are born from experimentation. Baby Eggplants are crafted
to inspire confidence and creativity in your kitchen. Soft and meaty with a
more delicate flavor than your everyday eggplant, these uniquely
versatile Mediterranean staples can be used to enhance the texture of
a main or as a tasty side.

It started with passion. Dedicated to the craft of finding the perfect premium ingredients to make family gatherings more memorable. Introducing the Craft House Collection™ by Pure Flavor®; a distinct selection of hand-picked, greenhouse grown vegetables, crafted by generations of skill and flavor to unlock the chef in you.

Meet Our Team

With decades upon decades of experience in the produce industry, our Sales Team wants to expand your category offering and help drive growth in your produce aisles & foodservice customer accounts. As a vertically integrated greenhouse vegetable company with a vast family of growers throughout North America, we ship our greenhouse grown vegetables year-round. From staple commodities to specialty items like our award-winning Snacking Tomato Series to a wide variety of USDA Organic Certified Vegetables, we have the ability to custom create formats that help grow your business.


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Featured Items

Pure Flavor® has gone through a brand refresh not only with our packaging but also with our core product positions.

With brand-centric messaging and core commodities now presented as families of items, Pure Flavor®
can deliver complete category management solutions that your customers will love and engage with.