Fuel Up for Fun This Halloween

Halloween is a night full of screams, scares, and a lot of candy. Don’t be too frightened! Pure Flavor® has everything you need to encourage healthy habits while having a lot of family fun on this special night.

Fun Family Activities For Halloween Night




GRADES 1 & 2


GRADES 1 & 2


GRADES 3 & 4


GRADES 4 & 5

Mini Munchies® Blue

Blue is a big fan of eating his healthy veggies. Whenever he's at school, on the bus, at the playground, or at home with his big blue family, he always keeps a pack of tasty Mini Munchies® nearby. You never know when that monstrous appetite will strike!

For a pop of juicy flavor and a burst of candy-like sweetness, Juno is your tomato! Packed with Vitamin C, lycopene and other and antioxidants, these tiny red tomatoes are sweet, healthy treats that will give your kids a natural burst of energy to keep them going and going at recess.

See what all the buzz is about when you try a bright and tangy Bumble. Less acidic than other tomatoes, these yellow tomatoes have a mild, sweet flavor young kids love! Bumbles Yellow Grape Tomatoes are a good source of iron, zinc, potassium, and important vitamins – all of which helps support a healthy immune system!

Energize on the go with a sunny ray of flavor from Oriana! These bite-sized orange tomatoes have a crisp, fresh taste and vibrant color that brightens up every lunch box. Each Oriana is a light, low-calorie snack bursting with all the sweetness kids love with no added sugar.

You’ll never meet anyone sweeter than Aurora!

For a refreshing snack, look no further than juicy Mini Sweet Peppers. These immune-boosting veggies are rich in Vitamins C and A, plus a wide variety of B Vitamins that help kids naturally produce energy to keep them focussed in school or at home doing homework!

Meet Poco, the bite-sized cucumber that fuels adventure anytime, anywhere!

Each bite of these snacking cucumbers provides a boost of hydration keeps need to play all day long and replenish after fun activities.

Halloween Recipes For Families with Monstrous Appetites