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Cloud 9®. A tiny taste of heaven®.

A Cloud9 Tomato

Fruity Tomatoes

The bite-sized blast of fruity flavor in every award winning Cloud 9® tomato makes life’s sweetest moments even sweeter. Hand-picked by our family of growers, only the finest fruit are selected to meet the quality your family deserves year round in a sustainable, eco-friendly environment.

For Life’s Sweeter Moments

Eating healthy meals and sharing our favorite snacks with family has the power to bring everyone closer together. From big Sunday pot roasts to quick playtime snacks, we are reminded time and time again that life is sweeter when we spend quality time with the ones we love.

Sweetness You Crave
Quality You Deserve

There are lot of red grape tomatoes to choose from, but there’s only one Cloud 9®. It’s truly a unique variety. After years of development, we’re proud to present a healthy snacking veggie that can truly satisfy your sweet tooth.

Cloud 9 package of tomatoes

Sweetness Scale

Low sweet to extra sweet


Beefsteak Tomatoes


Tomatoes On-the-Vine


Luna Sweets Cocktail Tomatoes


Juno® Bites Red Grape Tomatoes


RedRoyals Cherry Tomatoes On-the-Vine


Cloud 9® Bite-Sized Fruity Tomatoes

Goes Well With

Every recipe you make deserves to be a showstopper, so our growers hand-select only the most vibrant tomatoes in limited batches. The result is a bold flavor profile that shines in family favorites like homecooked thin-crust pizza, creamy risotto or baked brie cheese.

Try some of our favorite flavor pairings and recipes:

Herbs & Spices

  • • Red chili flakes
  • • Mint
  • • Balsamic reduction
  • • Honey

Meats & Cheeses

  • • Proscuitto
  • • Brie cheese
  • • Filet mignon
  • • Goat cheese

Fruits & Veggies

  • • Peaches
  • • Acorn squash
  • • Lime
  • • Figs

Pasta, Rice & Grains

  • • Risotto
  • • Sourdough bread
  • • Corn tostada
  • • Fettucine

Elevate Your Everyday

Sometimes a little extra sweetness can make an everyday meal a lot more flavorful. Cloud 9® bite-sized fruity tomatoes are a simple ingredient that you’ll come back to time and time again when you want to make simple meals, platters and snacks something extra special.