Satisfy your kids' sweet tooth with a healthy treat they love. Azuca Red Cherry Tomatoes are extra juicy and full of that bite-sized snackable flavor that always brings them back for more! Include them in a bento box for lunch or grill them on skewers for a sweet and savory backyard BBQ!

The sweet little red tomato that will take any snack or app to the next level!

How healthy are Azuca Red Cherry Tomatoes?

Health Benefits

Greenhouse Grown vegetables are full of important vitamins and nutrients like:


Can help prevent the aging of the skin and protects against sunburn.


Iron is important in maintaining a healthy count of red blood cells.


Provides many health benefits improving function of heart and kidneys.

Nutritional Facts

30 Calories
0 Cholesterol
10mg Sodium
2g Fiber
4g Sugar
1g Protein
10mg Calcium
1.7mg of Iron. 10 percent daily value
340mg of Potassium. 8 percent daily value

Goes Well With

Well, pretty much everything! But we have a few favorite pairings that you could try experimenting with:

Herbs & Spices

  • • Balsamic Vinegar
  • • Basil
  • • Garlic
  • • Chives
  • • Rosemary

Meats & Cheeses

  • • Chicken
  • • Feta Cheese
  • • Mozzarella Cheese
  • • Beef
  • • Shrimp

Fruits & Veggies

  • • Peaches
  • • Squash
  • • Lime
  • • Onions
  • • Lettuce

Pasta, Rice & Grains

  • • Rice
  • • Pasta
  • • Almonds
  • • Crusty Bread
  • • Bread Crumbs

Next-Generation Vegetable Growing

From seed to harvest, we control everything from temperature and humidity to the nutritional profile of our plants. Our full line of greenhouse vegetables is grown with the same sustainable methods, ensuring safe, healthy and virtually organic product.


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